15 Heart-Warming Photos of Heroic Deeds Show Love is Everywhere Around the World

Our world has become a chaotic place, with hardships, injustice and power play. But we shouldn’t stop believing that although we don’t see it often, we are all good people, deep-down. We should not lose the faith that all of the love is not lost from the world, and it is when we see these amazing photographs from across the world; we realize it all the more.


Antonio La Cava, an erstwhile school teacher, made it his life’s mission to promote literacy among children in Italy. He transformed his 3-wheeled vehicle into a mobile library with almost 1,000 books and now travels around the country encouraging the spread of education. He calls his library, “Bibliomotocarro”.


What other proof do we need of this being a far better world than it is perceived, than this picture where Christians protect a group of Muslims, while the latter prayed in a situation of civil unrest in Egypt and Muslims joined hand-in-hand to protect the Christians while they were celebrating Christmas.


In this picture, An American soldier is being offered a cup of tea by an Afghani citizen in war-torn Afghanistan.


This picture puts all debates of racism to sleep where we see a Kenyan athlete, named Jaqueline Kiplimo offering water to her disabled Taiwanese counterpart during a marathon in 2010.


This is a broken turnstile in a Canadian subway station. But this didn’t stop few honest passengers from paying their share, nonetheless.


As it suddenly starts to rain, these Israeli soccer players quickly remove their jackets and offer them to the kids standing in front of them.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

This young girl offers two policemen water and the latter oblige her by accepting the same.


A 20 Euro bill was found in the stairway between the 1st and the 2nd floors in a building in Helsinki. Someone put it up with the details on a pin-up board in the apartment building hallway with sincerity.


After finding a baby elephant trapped in a muddy crevasse, around a dozen passengers got off a train to help the poor animal. Later they offered him food to calm him down and didn’t desert the elephant till the officials arrived.


In this photograph, a firefighter gives water to a koala bear during the bush fires in Australia.


During the protests in Bucharest, a child is seen offering a heart-shaped balloon to a policeman. The latter accepted it.


This gathering is to pay tributes to eight-year-old Delaney Brown, who died of leukemia on Christmas Day. These are Christmas carolers gathered to sing outside her home.


This picture shows an old gentleman offering his sandals to this poor homeless girl in Rio De Janeiro.


This is a unique picture of young boys and girls during their prom, who decided to let go of fancy tuxedos and dresses and donated that money instead to help families with disabled children.


A man is seen helping an elephant with an artificial limb.