Bacon and Beef Sushi Roll: This Changes Everything!

Bacon is one of those foods that elevates every possible meal that you combine it with. The crispy, salty, absolutely delicious meat is classically paired with pancakes and eggs but to be honest, you can slap some crisped up bacon on steaming garbage and it would be totally edible. Most bacon critics like to stand on their bland soap box exclaiming proudly that bacon is bad for the body and health. But, what about the soul? Bacon is a soul healer and hunger killer. Bacon adds rays of flavor to every type of food. Without it, we would suffer a devastatingly flavorless demise with each meal. Bacon, while salty and scrumptious, is boundless in it’s flavor parings. Throw it on some asparagus or wrap it around some sweet figs, it is all amazing.

The recreation of typical fish based sushi into this scrumptious and brilliant beef, cheese, and, you guessed it, bacon sushi is absolutely genius! I mean, it is bacon, cheese, beef, and barbecue sauce. How can you go wrong? This dish will be the ender of all potluck dishes and you will be crowned the emperor of dinners and probably harassed by friends and family to make this on a regular basis.