Dad Speaks Out Against Racist Bullies Attacking His Daughter

In our technology drenched age, bullying is no longer limited to school hallways and lunchrooms. Bullies can attack their prey in the comfort of their own home. This is a reality that became all too real for Prior Lake Minnesota father Bradley Knudson. Bradley and his wife are the proud adoptive white parents of a young, pre-teen black daughter. While enjoying time together, Bradley’s daughter told him that she was receiving mean, nasty, and down right racist messages using slurs on an app called Snapchat. The app is a bully’s haven as it deletes the photo or video after it is viewed. By the fourth racist message, Bradley took matters into his own hands and recorded the videos being sent to his daughter. After attempting to reach out to the bullies parents and receiving a less than eager response, Bradley has taken to social media to bring awareness to his daughter’s bullying and racist attacks. Bradley hopes to not only expose the players in this particular act of racially motivated bullying, but to bring awareness to a growing issue for young people.

Here’s the video Bradley shared on Youtube, share this with more people to increase the awareness towards bullies.