15 Funniest Movies on Netflix Right Now – Updated in 2017

Netflix is a place where curiosities meet their makers, where excitements takes a new level, where boredom meets its destroyer and above all, where life can be seen from a different perspective. Now speaking more bluntly, leaving the tone of queries aside, Netflix is indeed the best time pass in the present time. Action, adventure, comedy, horror and romance, pick any genre and Netflix has a series or a movie for it. But since humor is the song we sing today, we here list 15 of the funnies movies on Netflix. So take a mental note of what we are about to dictate. Keep reading!!

1) Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal The Movie

Since the time Donald Trump entered the news dominion, jokes on nearly every word he spits out, started spinning out online. And the makers of the movie, noticing a bracket of popularity instantaneously, made the best humor recipe. Starring Johnny Depp, the movie is a 50 minutes sprint of all the Trump years in business. Watch it if you love or hate Trump.

2) Chef

A small indie comedy-drama starring Jon Favreau, the man behind Iron Man, The Jungle Book, Aliens and Cowboys, takes a continental turn for the movie. Jon wrote, directed and starred in the movie further making it a must watch. The art of cooking or experimenting on food to the way in becoming a highlighted chef, under challenging and funny circumstances, makes the movie a must watch in all ratios.

3) Frank

An alter ego of British comedian and an outsider musician Chris Sievey, Frank is an expressionless head. He plays bizarre music, a haunting music practically that has disoriented melodies which makes it all the more fun and creative as well. You will thank the makers for their exclusive out of the box thinking after watching the movie.

4) Goon

A sports comedy pantheon written by excellent writers Jay Baruchel and Evan Goldberg, the movie is about weird marketing strategies adopted by Seann William Scott and Liev Schreiber in order to promote a hockey team. Watch it in order to enjoy a fun filled affair.

5) Sausage Party

An unbelievable ridiculousness shown by a single frame sausage can make go anyone laugh till their stomach hurts. Special credits to Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen (the man behind every weird joke), Sausage Party is a metaphorical bang.