15 Funniest Movies on Netflix Right Now – Updated in 2017

6) Mascots

Special credit to wit in this movie, the word is exploited in the best possible way here. Good jokes in perfect timing makes the movie a perfect score. Parker Posey, Fred Willard, Jane Lynch and Ed Begley Jr makes the stock comedy a perfection in every way. Watch it for a stock treat.

7) Alan Partridge

Alan who is the star of varieties, like, fake talk shows, radio shows, movies and nearly everything is being hunted down by someone who wants to kill him. The guess work, the humour in near-death experiences makes the movie a perfect watch. How Alan works with the police to get his hands on the criminal running after him.

8) Mystery Team

Child detectives trying to solve an adult mystery by putting their inexperienced experience to good use, makes the movie a perfect fun. The Brown-like child detectives struggling to fight the nascent adulthood, takes the viewers on a fun coaster. Watch it for its unique comedy.

9) Sleepwalk with Me

Who knew sleepwalking can be this fun, and special thanks to Mike Birbiglia who has implemented Charlie Chaplin theory in the form of a great presentation. The pain of a struggling comic, scared-sleep disorder patient and an unsure boyfriend is showcased in the best script.