15 Funniest Movies on Netflix Right Now – Updated in 2017

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10) Scrooged

Lessons from the Christmas eve, haunted by three spirits, Bill Murray does what he does best and makes you laugh at even the nonsensical things that the script can tell him to do. Watch the movie if you are a Bill Murray fan and also if you haven’t read Christmas Carol.

11) Dope

A story told from a black-geek perspective, the movie Dope is dope. Malcolm is trying to survive out of a rough childhood surrounded by bullies and murderers, the movie brings reality in the form of humor in the movie. Watch it to know the other side of the world, packed with humor.

12) Tiny Furniture

Lena Dunham starrer, the movie has so much to love. An honest humor about a girl who is trying to do figure out her life or we can say motivation. The movie is relatively humorous and brings tiny realities of life into frames of a movie. You can learn while you laugh from the movie.

13) Working Girl

Office romcoms or comedies are always fun to watch. A secretary, who has a brilliant idea and her charming boss, Harrison Ford steals it, the revenge sparks in the beautiful Melanie Griffith who pledges to get her share of appreciation back. Watch the movie, just watch it.

14) Frances Ha

The movie is about a dancer who wishes to accomplish a lot in her life. The movie sometimes becomes ironic, too real, too relative, too intellectual while having a garnishing of good humor. In short the movie is deep, motivating and comic at times. Watch it to know different shades of life.

15) The Commitments

A person who is trying to open his band, ends up auditioning people from all walks of life in his own house. The movie goes dramatic sometimes but the writers earn all points for excellent comic timings.

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