15 Signs that Secretly Suggest You are an Introvert

Introversion is a character trait which focuses on internal feelings.  That having said, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are a shy wallflower. There are introverts who avoid communicating with people and prefer to stay indoors, for most parts. But, there are also introverts who may like to socialize – contrary to the popular belief. What is even interesting is, that people are frequently unaware that they are introverted. Being an introvert is more than being just shy. It has more to do with whether they gain or lose energy around people.

Introverts have a wide range of characteristics. And the following are just a few of the traits which suggest that you could be an introvert.

1) You bail out too soon

You might make plans with people, but you also are the one to cancel on them. And while you do not want to offend anyone, the thought of being with people drain you physically and mentally.

2) You are selectively social

You find it very difficult to interact with people and be comfortable with them beyond a point. It takes you some time to warm up to somebody, and these instances are also few and far in between. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you are shy. You are just not open to the idea of socializing with everyone and all the time. You are not really the life of a party and a party makes you feel more aloof and isolated.

3) You hate phone calls

You find phone calls stressful, since it is next to impossible to judge the other person’s expressions from their voice. Phone calls are stressful for you and you prefer to interact with people face to face, than on the phone.

4) Small Talk is just not your thing

Polite conversations and unimportant matters flusters and makes you anxious. Having an in-depth discussion on something important is more your thing.

5) You need your space

While you do not want to intentionally offend others, your space is very important to you. Meeting people drains your energy, and holding conversations seem to be a task.