15 Signs that Secretly Suggest You are an Introvert

6) You prefer to travel alone

Introverts are known for their keen observation and analysis. This is the reason that you prefer to travel alone also. Travelling alone gives you the much-needed space and time to think freely.

7) You are more of an observer than orator

You prefer to observe people and their different mannerisms, and you prefer this to having conversations with them. For you, conversations are time-wasters, and you would rather be on your own than in a group.

8) Your friends are extroverts

You value the few close friends you have and most of them are extroverts. You also don’t mind long conversations with them. And since, they know you well, they know when to give you the space you need.

9) You are an avid reader

Alone time and selective socializing leaves you ample time to read and write; and you love to read. Even when you are working, you prefer to be on your own, may be in some quaint café.

10) You choose your friends carefully

You have a very close circle of friends who know you and whom you know and understand. Hence, you are comfortable with just them. You often indulge in deep, meaningful conversations with them and that makes you happy.