15 Signs that Secretly Suggest You are an Introvert

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11) You enjoy your time alone

There is a certain energy you draw from yourself, which makes you like your company. There is no doubt that you do hang out with your close circle of friends; but when it comes to spending quality time, you always do it with yourself.

12) You don’t trust easily

Being a keen observer makes you a sound judge of characters and as a result, you tread very carefully when it comes to trusting someone. You rarely invite someone in your innermost circle; but when you do, you trust them with all you have.

13) You are a fantastic decision maker

Since you are someone who analyzes every situation and reads every aspect of an issue at hand, you are a fantastic decision maker. You are considered master thinkers; and as a result of that, you hardly make a wrong decision.

14) You are a loyal friend.

You value deeply the close circle of friends you have and you can be very loyal to them. Those in your inner circle can be rest assured that they have a loyal friend for life.

15) Making eye-contact is difficult for you

Eye contact always just feels awkward for you. Looking someone in the eye can be so uncomfortable for you that you cannot even maintain an eye contact with your friends and family.

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