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10 Best Dance Movies on Netflix of All Time


While we might not like to say it out loud, watching a dance movie is a bit of a guilty pleasure. While most of them follow a pretty standard formula as an excuse to show off some dance talent, it is hard not to be drawn to them.

Perhaps it is because, at their core, all of these movies are about overcoming adversity to live your dream. So, they are just feel-good movies to watch.

Indulge in this guilty pleasure with Netflix with our list of the 10 best dance films currently available via the streaming service.

Ballerina (2016)

This is an animated musical adventure set in early 19th century France. It follows an orphan girl who has always dreamed of becoming a dancer. 

She runs away to Paris with her best friend, where they are both trying to make new lives for themselves. But when she unexpectedly gets the chance to audition for the Paris Opera Ballet, does she have the self-belief to make it?

Feel the Beat (2020)

This film uses a tried and tested formula, but one that works. Sofia Carson stars as a Broadway hopeful who accidentally screws up her big chance and is forced to return home.


In her small town, she is convinced to train a group of local misfits with a passion for dance in order to get ready for a big competition. Of course, she learns about herself along the way, and finds the courage to have another go at her own dreams.

Footloose (1984)

This is one of the classic 1980s dance flicks, starring Kevin Bacon in roles of the films that made him a household name.

He plays a teenager who loves music and to express himself through movement. Living in Chicago, he had plenty of opportunities, but he is then forced to move to a small town with his mother and aunt where dance is actually banned. He decides to take on the local minister to overthrow the ban.

Girl (2018)

This controversial Belgian film is based on the real-life experience of a transgender girl who also had a passion to pursue a career as a ballerina.

The movie deals with bullying, self-identity, and the transition process. We watch our protagonist struggle for her dreams only to be forced to choose between sex-reassignment surgery and her passion for dance.

Honey: Rise Up and Dance (2011)

Kat Graham (The Vampire Diaries) stars in this spin-off sequel to the 2003 original Honey starring Jessica Alba as an aspiring dancer.

In this film, Graham plays a girl recently released from prison and trying to rebuild her life based on her street dancing talent. But her parole also means that she has to stay on the straight and narrow, while all her old dance friends are pulling her in another direction. Plus, there is an important TV dance competition at stake.

Saturday Night Fever (1977)

The king of the disco dance floor John Travolta stars in this classic about a working-class guy who also aspires to be a professional disco dancer.

Dance and his life as a celebrity at the local disco offer Travolta’s character an escape from his harsh life that includes an unfulfilling job, troubled parents, and tensions within the local community. Can he use his passion to change his life and help the people around him?

Step Sisters (2018)

This Netflix Original movie is yet another classic tale of a serious dancer forced by circumstances to teach others their art. Naturally, along the way, she discovers that sometimes heart is more important than talent.


In this version, Megalyn Echikunwoke plays a black sorority girl who agrees to teach the art of Greek stepping to her partying white sorority sisters in order to get the sorority out of trouble. Of course, her dancer friends are not thrilled by the idea.

Step Up (2006)

The first of the Step Up films stars Channun Tatum and Jenna Dewan as two people from different worlds brought together by their love of dance.

Dewan is a privileged girl with professional dance training and Tatum a boy that learned his moves on the street. The two are unexpectedly paired up for a big dance showcase that will decide their futures. As they try to find common ground, love also blossoms.

Stomp the Yard (2007)

Columbus Short plays DJ, a young black street dancer that gets sent to live with his aunt after getting into trouble on the streets.

He enrolls at a fraternity in a traditionally Black University where he uses his dance skills to compete in an inter-fraternity dance competition. Initially seeing the whole situation, he changes his mind as he learns about all the great black role models that have passed through the university.

Work It (2020)

Desperate to stand out in her application to Duke University, a young woman named Quinn lies on her application and says that she is an elite dancer. She then enlists the help of her friend Jasmine, the elite dancer that inspired her lie, to help her.

A series of unfortunate events leaves them both at risk of missing out on their dream futures, unless they can put together a crew to win the Work It dance competition.

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