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10 Best Horror Movies on HBO to Stream Right Now


There are few things better than sitting down in a darkened room in front of the TV late at night to watch a good scary movie, even if you need to sleep with the lights on after.

Streaming services have done a great job of bringing both new and classic horror movies to our screens, and today we are looking at the offering from HBO with the ten best horror movies currently streaming there.

You can also check out our list of great horror films available on Netflix and Hulu.

Alien (1979)

In space, no one can hear you scream. Ridley Scott created the space alien hunting you in the most horrific way genre for the modern-day, and his original Alien film is still terrifying.

Sigourney Weaver and Tom Skerritt star as the crew of a commercial space hauler that encounters a deadly and aggressive Alien who rips through their crew and sets its sights on Earth.

Altered States (1980)


This is another theme that we have seen coming up again and again, but this movie by Ken Russell sets the bar and is yet to be touched.

William Hurt stars as a psychiatrist who experiments on himself using psychoactive drugs and a sensory deprivation tank. But the transformations that he is experiencing in his head turn him into a monster in the eyes of those around him.

The Conjuring 2 (2016)

The Conjuring series has been incredibly popular not only because it tells truly creepy stories in an intelligent way, but because the films have a ring of truth. By basing the films on the real-life experiences of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, we are left asking what is possible.

This second installment in the series starring Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga is set in England where a young girl is haunted and terrorizing her family. But surely there must be a simpler explanation for what is happening in this house?

Doctor Sleep (2019)

While there is a lot to criticize in this movie, it is the sequel to The Shining and based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, so it is must-watch.

Ewan Mcgregor stars as Danny Torrance, the young boy from The Shining that developed psychic abilities. He thinks he has learned to live with them as an adult, until he encounters a young girl with the same abilities who needs his help.

Eyes Without a Face (1960)

This French horror, called Les Yeux sans Visage is based on the novel of the same name by Jean Redon and stars Pierre Brasseur and Alida Valli.

It begins with a surgeon determined to conduct a face transplant on his daughter who was disfigured in a car accident. But horror ensures as he falls into obsession and becomes determined to perform the operation, no matter the cost.

The Invisible Man (2020)

Another adaption of the famous H.G. Wells novel, this new version starring Elisabeth Moss and Aldis Hodge deserves attention.

Moss portrays a woman who believes that she is being stalked by her ex-boyfriend, after his apparent suicide. A series of creepy events lead her to believe that he has actually gained the power to become invisible.

Magic (1978)

Starring Anthony Hopkins before he was Hannibal Lector, this is a haunted doll film, don’t expect anything as tacky as Chucky.

Hopkins plays a magician who is also a ventriloquist. But as he finally gains popularity, people start to look closer at his act, and his doll. Is the doll an extension of Hopkins’ character, who suffers from severe mental illness, or is something more sinister at work?

Night of the Living Dead (1968)


The original zombie flick that has given us so many more, some good, some downright terrible. But this George A. Romero film defines the modern idea of a zombie.

Seven people find themselves trapped in a farmhouse in Pennsylvania during what turns out to be a zombie plague. Starring Duane Jones and Judith O’Dea/

Ready or Not (2019)

Most young brides fear being jilted at the altar or their mother-in-law showing up in a white dress, not getting caught up in a ritual for satan.

Samara Weaving stars as a newlywed who finds herself hunted by her husband’s evil family in order to fulfill the conditions of a pact that they made with the devil or their wealth and position.

Sisters (1972)

This classic horror film starring Margot Kidder is another one that has stood the test of time since it relies on psychological thrills rather than fancy camera work.

It focuses on a young model, who was once a conjoined twin. Her now separated twin is suspected of a brutal murder, dragging her sister back into a world that she thought she had left behind.

What To Watch Next?

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