10 Best Self Improvement Podcasts to Listen Now


There was a time when radio was dead and we couldn’t understand why you would choose a listen when you could be streaming the latest show on Netflix.

But podcasts have changed everything. This “on-demand” radio has taken the world by storm and brought some of the best and most interesting voices directly to our ears. You can also listen in while you are busy doing other things, whether that be commuting, working out, or cleaning the house.

Considering how productive listening to podcasts is, it is no surprise that productivity and self-improvement podcasts are extremely popular. Have you seen our lists of the best podcasts for entrepreneurs or must-listen podcasts for women?

Well, now you can check out our ultimate list of the best self-improvement podcasts to listen to in 2021.

Beyond the To-Do List

Are you a procrastinator who struggles to get things done, despite the best of intentions? Then this is the podcast for you.

Erik Fisher talks with a variety of intriguing guests about productivity hacks. But while he shares helpful, practical tips, the show is all about the big picture of leading a meaningful and rewarding life.

Each episode deals with a different element of modern life. So listen to them all, or start with the areas that you are struggling with most.

Chasing Joy

Host Georgie Morley has been through more than most people in life, including an eating disorder, depression, and bipolar II. But she has come through it all and found a sense of joy.

She uses her own life experiences to help guide other people away from self-destructive behavior and negativity and towards joy.

Each week she deals with a different topic such as spirituality, wellness, and personal growth, all with the hope that you walk away feeling a little more joyful and focussed on your personal journey.

The Habit Coach

It is well accepted that making big changes in your life starts with making little changes to your daily habits.

Ashdin Doctor takes you through exactly how you can change your habits, exploring what habits are and why they are so difficult to change, and sharing practical ideas for how you can make some of the changes that you crave.

In each mini 10-minute episode he covers habits in areas such as nutrition, fitness, health, sleep, and productivity.

Happier with Gretchen Rubin

The New York Times bestselling author of The Happiness Project brings her ideas to the airwaves with this stimulating podcast.

The program aims to examine some of the things that are most detrimental to our individual happiness, and provide practical exercises to start making essential changes.

Expect episodes dedicated to topics such as loneliness, anxiety, and stress.

Hardcore Self-Help Podcast

Some of us would like to make little improvements to our lives, but there are also those among us struggling with serious mental health challenges. This podcast is for the latter.

Psychologist Dr Robert Duff looks at some of the most challenging and prevalent mental health issues in society today, such as anxiety, depression, perfectionism, and PTSD.

He makes these conditions accessible, which might help you better understand yourself, or someone you care about who is struggling.

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

The queen of self-improvement and feeling good about yourself, Oprah Winfrey has joined the celebrities communicating with their fanbase via podcasts.

She isn’t afraid to dig into some of the stickier topics that others shy away from such as racism, religion, and the toxicity of celebrity culture.

Expect interesting interviews with celebrities, politicians, and religious and thought leaders as she explores topics that clearly interest her with a wider audience.

The Tony Robbins Podcast

Why live an ordinary life, when you can live an extraordinary one? This is probably the most famous saying of the infamous life and business guru Tony Robbins.

Get Robbins as your personal life coach by plugging his podcast into your ears. Each week he tackles major life changes in every area from business and finances to health and relationships.

As well as sharing his own wisdom, there are a wealth of interviews with influential people who seem to have cracked the secret to an extraordinary life.

Unlocking Us

Bestselling author Brené Brown launched this podcast in 2020 in her own attempt to self-improve during the pandemic challenging year. 

She conducts interviews with experts and celebrities on a range of interesting emotional topics including depression, insecurity, and vulnerability.

Listening to this thoughtful podcast will help you identify where these often unrecognized emotions are playing havoc in your life and holding you back.

What It Takes

Do you ever wonder why some people seem to make it in life, while others work hard, but never overcome those obstacles to reach their destination?

This podcast looks at what exactly it takes to achieve major success in life, and make significant changes.

It is all about developing a growth mindset and seeing the possibilities, no matter the outcome of certain situations. It may change your entire outlook on existence.

Where Should We Begin?

When you are struggling with a relationship, it can be difficult to know where to turn, especially if you don’t want to air your private challenges with biased friends.

This podcast from relationship therapist Esther Perel can help you get some perspective, as she tackles some of the most complex relationship issues such as sexlessness, infertility, infidelity, and loss of communication.

She speaks with real couples that may be facing similar challenges to you, and provides real advice that might help you navigate your own relationship issues.

What To Hear Next?

While podcasts are a great way to boost your productivity, they don’t all have to be about self-development and growth. They can also just be fun and entertaining.

For a change of speed, check out these hilarious comedy podcasts, or creep yourself out with one of these chilling paranormal podcasts.

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