10 highest grossing Disney animated movies of all time

Frozen 2 hit cinemas on 22 November, and it has already become the highest grossing Disney animated movie of all time! But to celebrate, let’s go back in time one week and look at the 10 highest grossing Disney animations before Frozen 2 got here.

Sadly, thanks to the world of economics, none of our favourite classics are on the list (The Little Mermaid, Snow White, Cinderella), but there are some fantastic films well worth watching on this list.

Frozen (2013) – $1,276 Million

IMDB Score 7.5/10

Starring Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell, this film instantly became a family favourite, with children everywhere torturing their parents by singing the main song Let It Go on repeat literally for years. This film is about sisterhood, friendship, magic, and doing the right thing even when it is hard, and there is thankfully very little romantic focus. This is probably something that sets new Disney flicks apart from their predecessors, which always had a love story at the centre.

The Incredibles 2 (2018) – $1,242 Million

IMDB Score 7.7/10

The first Incredibles movie (2004) was definitely one of the best superhero movies ever made. It was character driven and never had to rely on over the top action sequences to push the story forward. The sequel was 14 years in the making, but well worth the wait. The Parr family are superheroes living in a world which has lost faith in them. They are trying to restore that faith, while dealing with the daily challenges of family life.

Toy Story 3 (2010) – $1,066 Million

IMDB Score 8.3/10

An amazing movie in its own right, this film is definitely standing on the shoulders of giants with the two original films. Starring Tom Hanks as the voice of cowboy toy Woody, and Tim Allen as the voice of Buzz Lightyear, the premise of the story is that toys have lives of their own and work hard to make their children happy. In this outing, the toys must try and find their way home after accidentally being donated to a children’s centre.

Finding Dory (2016) – $1,029 Million

IMDB Score 7.3/10

Disney has made us wait for sequels to some of the beloved classics, like this sequel to 2003’s Finding Nemo (see below). Set under the sea, in this story it is the scatter-brained Dory, voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, that finds herself lost as she tries to locate her long-lost parents. Now her new family must track her down and bring her home.

Zootopia (2016) – $1,023 Million

IMDB Score 8/10

Set in a city populated by anthropomorphic animals, the movie tells the story of an unlikely pair, a rabbit police officer and a red fox con artist, they find themselves working together when they get caught up in a criminal conspiracy. It features a pretty incredible ensemble voice cast including Ginnifer Goodwin, Idris Elba, Jason Bateman and Octavia Spencer.

The Lion King (1994) – $968 Million

IMDB Score 8.5/10

The oldest film on this list, it is pretty incredible just how much money this film made considering the release date. It has since become a popular stage show, and a remake was launched this year. Set in Africa, it is the story of a young lion cub that is just trying to find himself, but must also reclaim his pride from his evil uncle. It is the film that taught us the meaning of the saying hakuna matata.

Finding Nemo (2003) – $940 Million

IMDB Score 8.1/10

Set in a fantastic underwater world, we follow the separate journeys of a father and son clownfish pair as they are separated and must find each other again, while navigating the predators of the sea, not to mention troublesome mankind. Like Toy Story, the film suggests that fish have a secret life about which we know nothing.

Inside Out (2015) – $857 Million

IMDB Score 8.2/10

This film is set inside the head of a young girl named Riley, who is struggling with the onset of adolescence and moving towns. Inside her head, her emotions are running the show, trying to protect Riley and steer her in the right direction. But the crisis that Riley is facing sends everything into meltdown as she is only able to access negative memories, and seems to be losing her happy ones. Her emotions must work together to save Riley.

Coco (2017) – $807 Million

IMDB Score 8.4/10

A Mexican-themed film, the story follows 12-year-old Miguel, who finds himself transported to the Land of the Dead. To find his way home, he seeks the help of his great-great-grandfather, who was a famous musician. As the same time, he seeks to discover why his family has a ban on music, and to bring the joy of music back to the land of the living.

Monsters University – $744 Million

IMDB Score 7.3/10

A sequel to the 2001 classic Monsters Inc., this prequel came out 12 years later and we see our protagonists Sully and Mike at the University where they learnt the subtle art of scaring. Voiced by Billy Crystal and John Goodman, this film was long overdue for fangs of the original. Suddenly we were all a little excited to see a monster under our beds.

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