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10 of the Best Suspenseful Movies on Netflix Right Now



We don’t know what it is, but sometimes an excellent, suspenseful movie is all you need to round your evening out. With a suspense filled film, you get the best of an action movie, drama movie, and sometimes scary movie all packed into one. You get invested in the plot and what’s happening with the characters that you can completely tune out everything that is around you until the movie is over. 

If you’re ready to get your blood pumping with a narrative that is hard to keep your gaze away from, take a look at Netflix’s massive library that is filled with great suspenseful movies. You might have trouble deciding which one to watch, so we helped narrow it down for you. 


This movie features Jack Gyllenhaal, who plays a criminal that somehow lands a job filming accidents and crime scenes for a television station. The story is really twisted and involves unethical journalism and consumerism. 

Uncut Gems


Adam Sandler stars in this movie and is anything but his funny, comedic self. The story follows Howard Ratner, a jeweller that makes bets that can either help him financially or put his life on the line. The story is thrilling and what makes it even better is the fact that it can ultimately happen in real life. Sandler received a ton of praise for his role in this movie, so we recommend you give it a watch. 

The Killing of a Sacred Deer 

This movie won the best screenplay at Cannes and is a psychological thriller that stars Colin Farrell and Nicole Kidman. The duo plays a married couple whose family is falling apart after inviting an orphaned boy into their home. 

Good Time

If you loved Uncut Gems, then you’ll love Good Time since the same brothers created it. Robert Pattinson is a street hustler and bank robber that is trying to get his brother out of prison after one of their jobs goes wrong. 

Bird Box

Bird Box was one of the most popular movies on Netflix at one time, and we can see why. The film has a great cast including Sandra Bullock, Sarah Paulson, Trevante Rhodes, and John Malovich. The story centers around a woman who travels blindfolded with her children to safety while an unseen monster is stalking them. 

The Hateful Eight

Quentin Tarantino is known to create some masterpieces in the suspense world, and this mystery movie is perfect for anyone looking for a little extra suspense. The film is set right after the Civil War and has a fantastic cast including Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, Bruce Dern, and Jennifer Jason Leigh, who all sought revenge. 

Secret Obsession 


Was Secret Obsession the best movie of the year, no, but it fills the suspense category perfectly. A woman comes home from the hospital with a loss of memory after a terrible car accident. Her husband takes care of her, but when she starts to get an uneasy feeling, she realizes that not everything is as it seems, and her husband might not actually be the man she married. 


A woman is shipwrecked on a deserted island and trying to do everything she can to survive. Matters only worsen when she realizes that she might not be alone on the island, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. This movie is thrilling, and if you’re running short on time, it is only one hour and 22 minutes long. 

See You Yesterday 

Two science prodigies experiment with time travel that ends up in the death of one of their brothers. Now the pair need to work on their experiment, even more, to return everything back to normal and get their brother back. The movie was produced by Spike Lee and is a great thriller to watch. 

93 Days 

This thriller is based off true events from the 2014 Ebola outbreak in Nigeria. You learn how the disease came into play and how the government decided to respond to the outbreak while trying to save their people’s lives. The thriller shows you what it is like living with a terrible disease and is genuinely frightening since the events really occurred. 


Hopefully, one of these suspenseful movies will help wet your whistle when it comes to a good story and gripping dialogue. Each story has its unique twist and turns that will make it hard to peel your eyes away and maybe even leave you with a jump scare or two. If you need something a little more to boost that heart rate, why not check out these great action movies on Netflix.

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