10 Super Scary True Ghost Stories

Who doesn’t like a good horror movie? But we do often walk out of the cinema thinking that they are simply unbelievable. Well here are 10 true ghosts stories that are pretty unbelievable!

The Serbian Vampire

In 1725 in a small Serbian town a man named Peter Plogojowitz passed away. Over the next eight days, a further nine deaths occurred. On their death beads, all nine men claimed to have been strangled by their neighbour Peter. Priests were called to the town to investigate, and 40 days after his death Peter’s body was exhumed. The body seemed in surprisingly good condition for 40 days dead. The priests decided to stake the body, which caused fresh blood to spurt from the body’s mouth and ears, and then its skin turned black.

Black Annie

Rise Hall in Jamaica used to be the home of Annie Palmer, the wife of plantation owner John Palmer, and a practitioner of black magic. In the 1800s she is thought to have used her magic to murder John, two subsequent husbands, and a number of slaves that she took as lovers. She finally met her match in another slave that also practiced magic, who reportedly killed Annie and ended the string of deaths at Rose Hall. Many visitors have claimed to see the  ghost of Black Annie when visiting the Hall, and one medium even reports to have been possessed by her spirit.


One of the most famous haunted houses in the world. On November 13th 1974, Ronald DeFeo Jr shot and killed six members of his family in a house in Amityville. He was arrested, found guilty and imprisoned, and the house sold to George and Kathy Lutz and their three children. The family only managed to remain in the house for 28 days, as they were terrorised by the spirits of the house. Kathy claimed to have had vivid nightmares of each of DeFeo’s murders in the order that they occurred. Soon members of the household started suffering unexplained injuries. A secret room not on the house plans was also discovered, which was pained completely red, and the family dog refused to enter. The Lutz’s attempted a blessing to clear the house of its energy, but abandoned the home within a month.

Anneliese Michel Possession

Anneliese’s parents believed that she was possessed after she suffered terrible seizures, began attacking her family members, and drinking her own urine. This combined with the fact that she seemed afraid of all religious objects pointed her parents towards a demonic rather than a human malady. The family found priests willing to conduct exorcisms on their daughter. Anneliese died of pneumonia after living through more than 40 exorcisms.

The Drowning of Elisa Lam

Some of the last moments of Elisa Lam’s life were caught on surveillance camera. She is seen entering her hotel and attempting to use the lift. However, although she pushes many buttons the lift will not move, and the doors appear to open and close at random. She is also seen moving in and out of the list and talking and gesturing at something that cannot be seen on the film. Directly after this episode, Elisa somehow gained access to the building’s roof and managed to drown herself in an 8-foot water tank, closing the lid on herself even though workers had to cut the tank open to retrieve her body.

Ghostly Children

It is said that the ghosts of three children murdered by Raymond Leslie Morris in the 1960s haunt Cannock Chase in Staffordshire. Many people have reported seeing and hearing the children playing and giggling, and occasionally beg for health. In all the various reports of the children they are always clothed in white and have frightening staring black eyes.

Inunaki Village

Inunaki is a small village in Japan, but you will never have met anyone who has been there. It is isolated and difficult to find, and it is said that when you arrive there is a sign at the entrance t the village stating that Japanese laws do not apply here. People claim that the people there are strange, such as having incestuous relationships and practicing cannibalism. It is also said that no electronic device will work in the village. It is said that while many people have set out to visit the village, no one who has successfully visited has ever returned.

Demonic Defence

In 1981 Arne Cheyenne Johnson pleaded not guilty to murdering his landlord Alan Bono because he claims that he was possessed by a demon. Johnson’s lawyer spoke to the court about a pattern of erratic behaviour dating back to Johnson’s childhood, and even called on the testimony of the famous ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren who claimed that Johnson had been visited by ghosts and demons for the majority of his life. The state of Connecticut still found Johnson guilty.

Doris’ Haunted House

In 1974 Doris Bither claims that she was assaulted by a number of invisible entities. Two paranormal investigators, Barry Taff and Kerry Gaynor, investigated the situation and report to have encountered locating balls of light and whispering voices in Doris’ home. Both men refused to set foot in the home again. Doris’ story inspired the terrifying 1974 move The Entity in which a young mother is tortured and raped by unseen beings. Doris’ son Brian said that he believed his mother’s experiences to be true as he heard her screaming and fighting during the night, and emerging the next day covered in bruises.

Okiku’s Doll

It is said that a girl called Okiku had a doll that she loved and took everywhere she went. When Okiku unexpectedly died, it is thought that her spirit returned and possessed her favourite toy. The doll started to take on living traits, for example its hair would grow. The doll was placed in the Mannenji Temple in Japan for safekeeping, where the doll’s hair still grows. Scientific studies have concluded that the doll’s hair is consistent with that of a young girl.

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