12 of the Best Hallmark Christmas Movies Ever



The Hallmark Channel is always there to help bring you the holiday spirit. Once Halloween rolls around, the channel starts to air their Christmas movies all the way until New Year’s Eve, and fans of the channel love it. Each of these movies is different but follow the same theme that we all know and love, they’re rom-coms

Each year Hallmark rolls out new movies but also brings some of the popular, classic movies back as well. Here are some of the best Hallmark Christmas movies that have ever been made that you need to catch before the holiday season is over. 

The Christmas Train 

In The Christmas Train, you follow journalist Tim Dermot, who promised his late father that he would take a train cross-country and write about the entire experience. While doing that, he runs into his ex-girlfriend Eleanor, and the two can’t help but stick together. The movie is a little sappy, but you’re going to love it. 

A Royal Christmas 


Seamstress Emily finds out her boyfriend is a prince, she heads home with him for Christmas. Little does she know she also has to attempt to woo his mother, the queen, and prove they are a good match for each other. This movie has a Crazy, Rich, Asain vibe without all the crazy drama but just as much romance. 

A Christmas Detour 

Paige is stranded in Buffalo due to a snowstorm and is desperate to get back to her home in New York City to meet her fiance’s parents. While on the plane, she convinces a bartender sitting next to her to give her a ride back to New York, but the pair become bonded over time. 

A Mistletoe Promise 

To make the holidays easier, two strangers who equally hate Christmas, decide to act like a couple to make the time a little easier. The more they hang out though, the more they realize they’re into each other and the holidays turn out better than they thought. 

Coming Home for Christmas 

Lizzie is fired from her job at an insurance company and has to work as a caretaker for Ashford Estates, a venue that is swanky but is about to be sold by the owner. Lizzie has to fend off advances from the owner’s younger brother Kip but befriends his grandmother Pippa while working. While attending a black-tie event at the estate, Lizzie comes to realize how much she loves where she is at. 

The Christmas Cottage 

Lacey’s best friend is getting married over Christmas, and it is her job to set a cottage up for the couple. The bride’s family believes any couple that stays the night in the Christmas cottage will be in love forever. Lizzie soon realizes her life is about to change when a blizzard traps her and the best man, who is also her ex, in the cottage. 

Christmas Under Wraps 

An ambitious doctor named Paige decides to move to Alaska when she doesn’t get into a Boston-based program. She begins to embrace her new life and the changes she has made to it when she falls in love with Andy. She also discovers her home might be hiding a holiday secret.

A Gingerbread Romance 

Taylor is an architect that teams up with a baker, and single dad, Adam to help build a life-size gingerbread house for a contest. Taylor wants a promotion at work that can take her to another town and boost her career, but she also starts to fall in love with Adam and learns that sticking right where she is might not be such a bad thing. 

Christmas in Vienna 

Over the holidays a classical violinist travels to Austria to perform in a concert. She isn’t too happy with where she is at but thanks to a handsome man who is also spending time in Europe, her spark returns. 

On the 12th Date of Christmas 


Holiday traditions are great, but a pair of architects take it up a level by creating a Christmas scavenger hunt and challenging each other during the Christmas season. 

A Christmas Tree Grows in Brooklyn 

Erin is on the search for the perfect Christmas tree for her town’s festivities. The one she knows is perfect also resides on a property that won’t let her have it. It is Erin’s job to try and convince Kevin, a firefighter, to let the tree come with her. 

Crown for Christmas 

If you love Maid in Manhattan and The Princess Diaries, this is the movie for you. Allie is first from her job as a maid in a popular New York hotel and ends up becoming a governess to a princess. While helping the princess, Allie starts to fall in love with the king and her charge’s father. 


All of these Hallmark Christmas movies are amazing and will instantly get you in the holiday spirit. The movies are light and enjoyable to watch and will fil your heart with love and warmth. The best part is you have until the end of the year to watch them, so you can keep the Christmas spirit alive even after Christmas.

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