5 Reasons Why Netflix’s Dark is its Best Creation to Date

WARNING: This article contains spoilers. For those of you who have not yet watched season two of Dark, proceed with caution!

With the return of Dark season two, I’ve been reminded of all the reasons why it is the best show that Netflix has put out over the last few years. The second season was just as spectacular as the first and left me wishing I had the third season in my posession already. This season was two episodes less than the first, but still managed to cram just as much mind-blowing time travel into those eight episodes.

1. From Past to Present to Future

Another thing that Dark flawlessly puts together (again) is the shift between Past, Present, and Future. I love the transitions we see when jumping from one time to the next, and even though sometimes they can be slightly confusing they are still always done so well. I thought they did a great job this season hopping back and forth and really touching on every single plot line that could affect the outcome we were waiting for in the finale. The addition of the new characters, and even the old characters younger/older renditions that we had not seen yet, were such a beautiful touch to the show.

2. Real-Life Theory Incorporated into the Show

This was where I realized Netflix and the creators of Dark truly went above and beyond. I realize a lot of tv shows/movies use real life science and what not when writing features like this, but Dark took it to another level in my opinion. I myself am a huge science/space fan, but my mind doesn’t fully grasp the innumerable theories behind all of it. With that being said, I love how simplistic it was made for this show while they also kept it extremely accurate. All of the time travel, philosophical, and insane science knowledge can be quite a burden, but in the end when things start clicking it makes the show so much more rewarding for us viewers.

3. Dark’s Magnificent Casting

In season one when we finally start grasping that the characters we are seeing throughout the show are all themselves, just older or younger versions, we begin to realize how much all of the different versions actually look like one another. We quickly find out in season two that they did just as amazing a job as they did in season one. The three I think that were most spot on were young Noah, old Ulrich, and old Magnus. All of these characters bore striking resemblances to their younger/older selves and it makes the story arc seem that much more believable. All of the other new introductions were near flawless as well, and we saw quite a few of them when compared to season one.

4. Storyline That Never Ceases to Amaze

With the first ten episodes of Dark, we saw many major, unexpected plot twists: The stranger helping Jonas being an older version of Jonas himself, Mikkel actually becoming Michael (Jonas’s Dad), etc. In comes season two, and it makes season one’s twists look like child’s play. Along with all of these mind-boggling shifts and changes though, we also get some of the most incredible storytelling and dialogue. The fact that this season ended with an other world Martha saving Jonas was something I had 0.00% chance of correctly guessing. When we first see the shot of Jonas kneeling over Martha’s dead body and someone walking in through the door, I thought we were about to see Hanna (Jonas’s Mom) finally do something good and redeem Herself. But nope, she is still off in the 50’s apparently starting a new life or something. This seasons story absolutely stunned me overall though, and I cannot wait to see how the show concludes next year.

5. One Final Season

I think the craziest thing about this entire season may be the fact that it came out on 6/21/19. Now, I didn’t grasp this at first, but that is the exact date of Mikkel’s suicide, or… well not a suicide since it was actually Jonas who had to convince his father to kill himself to save himself (time travel, am i right?). Anywho, to me that means the third and final season will have to drop on the same date next year or the date of the apocalypse (6/27/20). I know it doesn’t necessarily make sense that they would have the entire final season written, shot, and wrapped in under a year, but apparently filming began roughly four weeks after a post made by one of the writers on May 30th. However, whether the show returns in mid-2020, late-2020, or even sometime in 2021, I know I’ll be glued to some screen somewhere binging the final season of Dark.

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  1. Absolutely agree with you. One additional thing I give it credits for is the dubbing into English. I think it’s one of the best dubbing I’ve heard. The voices really portray the characters in a fantastic way. Can’t wait for season 3.

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