6 Best Finance Podcasts for Millennials


There are lots of great finance podcasts out there, but many of them are for people who already have money to invest, or are living on a shoestring while just starting out.

But what about inbetweeners? You’ve paid off your student debt, you are earning good money, and you are at the point where you need to think about the future. Yep, millennials.

These are the five best podcasts aimed exactly at you!

Add these into your mix of productivity podcasts, which should include some of the great shows from our lists of the best educational podcasts for adults and the best motivational podcasts of 2021.

So Money

If you know that you need to get your finances in order, but you are completely new to that world, you will appreciate So Money.

Hosted by finance expert Farnoosh Tarobi, the show is accessible and deals with real problems, such as paying off credit card debt and dealing with joint finances as a couple.

But just because Tarobi speaks in an accessible way doesn’t mean that she sticks to the basics. You will also find episodes on topics such as launching and growing your own side business and developing passive income streams.

The Fairer Cents

While millennial women are earning more in comparison to men than anyone before them, the gender pay gap is still a major issue that will be on most young women’s agendas.

This podcast hosted by Kara Perez and Tanja Hester looks specifically at the financial issues facing women, including negotiating fair pay and not getting taken advantage of by secondhand car salesmen.

They draw on plenty of experts, including financial gurus and behavioral scientists, to both understand the issues and suggest practical responses.

Money for the Rest of Us

So, you are interested in investing your money, but you aren’t sure where to start? Get up to date on the topic with investment strategist David Stein.

As well as explaining how the market works and how you can get involved, he will help with tough questions such as balancing short-term and long-term investments and making sure your money is available for immediate emergencies.

He uses the latest academic research and personal stories to make market cycles and portfolio balancing more interesting than you could have imagined.

Smart Passive Income

These days, if you don’t have a side business you are an underachiever. Everyone is looking for ways that they can develop passive income streams while slogging away at their day job.

This is what blogger, influencer, and entrepreneur Pat Flynn is an expert at. He explains exactly how he earns money online, and how you can do the same.

He is regularly joined by online business insiders that share their experiences and top tips and secrets for making your side game a success.

The Disciplined Investor

This podcast is ideal for anyone who has an understanding of finance and investing, and doesn’t want to go over the basics, but is looking to take things to the next level.

Founder and host Andrew Horowitz provides weekly market analysis and discusses major market forces such as Federal Reserve monetary policies and how new tariffs may impact the market.

This show is excellent if you are looking for information to help you make portfolio decisions, rather than have someone explain to you what a portfolio is (and why you need one).

The Mad Fientist

Already had enough of the rat race and thinking about retiring? Unsure how you will have enough money to retire, even if you work until you are 100? This podcast may have the answers.

This podcast is powered by the FIRE movement (financial independence, retire early) and challenges established ideas of how financial independence can be achieved.

They deliver interviews with some of the most important names on the topic including J.D. Roth, the Frugalwoods, and Mr Money Moustache – silly name, but seriously good advice.

What To Hear Next?

Podcasts are an additive medium, and once you start listening, you might find that you are looking for some entertainment alongside your productivity. Not to worry, there are plenty of options out there, regardless of your interests.

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