8 Top True Crime Podcasts Available Right Now


There is no shortage of great true crime documentaries out there for fans of the genre. Just check out our lists of the best true crime documentaries on Netflix, or the HBO true-crime docuseries I’ll Be Gone in the Dark.

But busy people might be looking for something different. While you might not have time to devote to the latest 10-hour docuseries, you might have time on your commute, on the treadmill, and while doing the dishes, to indulge in your favorite genre.

Get your true-crime hit on the go with this list of fantastic true crime podcasts currently available to stream.

The Clearing

April Balascio had a troubled childhood. She was constantly afraid of her father and struggled to make friends as their family was constantly moving.

Only at the age of 40, when April was well and truly clear of her family, was she able to put the pieces together. Stumbling across some startling evidence, she contacted the police, only to discover that her father, Edward Wayne Edwards, was a serial killer.

In the podcast, April shares her father’s story and the journey that she went on to uncover the truth. It also shines a light on her emotional journey of realizing and accepting the reality of her childhood.


This podcast dives into the case of Susan Powell, who disappeared in 2009. While her husband Josh was suspected, and even arrested, no one has ever been convicted of her murder and her body has never been found.

Dave Cawley digs into this case over the course of 18 hour-long episodes that leaves no rock unturned and examines every clue in minute detail.

The show reveals details from Susan’s diary and also interviews family members and investigators that worked on the case. The result is something that is both riveting and chilling.

Dr Death

The first season of this podcast is dedicated to the horrific crimes of Dr Christopher Duntsch, also known as Dr Death.

Medical journalist Laura Beil looks at how the neurosurgeon abused his position of trust to leave others maimed or worse.

In the subsequent series, she goes on to look at other doctors who have broken both their oaths and their humanity and used their position to live out their own dark fantasies.


In this ground-breaking 12-episode podcast Sarah Koenig breaks down the case against Adnan Syed, a teenager convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend in 1999.

She shines a light on a miscarriage of justice as she re-examines the evidence and speaks to Syed. You will be left certain that the killer is still out there.

Following the success of the first season, Koenig has produced a number of follow up seasons that investigate equally compelling cases.

Someone Knows Something

David Rigden spends a season of this podcast investigating a cold case. While we rarely discover the identity of the killer, he shares stories that need to be told.

The way he investigates the crimes is evocative and leaves you asking questions about the human psyche and the long-term consequences of brutal crimes.

The current, sixth season of the show, looks at the case of Donald Izzett Jr, who has been missing for 25 years. His mother insists that he has been murdered, while others suggest he simply does not want to be found.

Teacher’s Pet

This podcast produced by The Australian newspaper digs into the case of Lynette Dawson, who went missing in 1982.

The facts of this case have made it into the public sphere, because she was victimized by her husband, Chris Dawson, who was a famous rugby player.

But journalist Hedley Thomas still manages to deliver the story in such a way that you will stay on the edge of your seat. You will also be horrified to hear about the family’s ongoing quest for justice.

West Cork

Everyone loves a good murder mystery set in the British (or Scottish or Irish) countryside. That is exactly what you get here, except that it is a real-life crime.

We look at the mysterious murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier in Ireland in 1996. The story comes to life as we hear interviews with scores of people from the West Cork countryside who are intimately connected with the case.

Chilling are the soundbites that come directly from the mouth of the man who is believed to be her murderer.

You Must Remember Manson

Charles Manson is considered one of the most nefarious cult leaders of all time. He is also considered one of America’s worst serial killers, even though he never killed anyone himself.

Manson has been reimagined in many fictionalized settings, so it is hard to know what is fact and what is fiction.

This special eleven-part podcast series delivered by Karine Longworth tries to untangle this mystery as it shines a light on who Manson really was and what “the Family” actually did.

What To Hear Next?

Podcasts are undeniably addictive, so once you get through these, you’ll be dying for more.

Why not check out our lists of paranormal podcasts to spook you out, or comedy podcasts – but be warned, everyone on the commute will be wondering what you are laughing at.


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