8 US Presidents that Used the Services of Psychics

While the current US President may get a lot of his insights about the world from Fox News and Twitter, several of the US’ most respected presidents are known to have benefitted from the services of psychics to help make important decisions.

George Washington

According to Anthony Sherman, a close friend of George Washington who fought with him during the war for independence, Washington told him that he received a psychic vision that revealed to him the future existence and glory of the United States of America.

According to Sherman, During the Battle at Valley Forge, one of the darkest hours of the Revolutionary War for Washington, a strange woman appeared in Washington’s tent. Washington said that he tried to engage the woman in conversation, but to no avail. Eventually the woman spoke: “Son of the Republic, look and learn”. She then gave Washington a future vision of the United States that extended from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific.

According to Sherman, Washington’s vision gave him the strength to continue and push through the bleak battle. Of course, Washington eventually went on to win the war and establish the United States.

Franklin Pierce

Shortly after his inauguration, Pierce and his family were involved in a train accident that claimed the life of his only remaining son. His distraught wife contacted the famous spiritualists the Fox Sisters in order to conduct a séance in the White House – they later admitted that they were frauds. This does not seem to have helped much and Pierce turned to alcohol during his time in office.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln is infamous for regularly consulting spiritualists and clairvoyants in order to obtain information about future events. He is even said to have had his own precognitive visions.

Apparently, the day after his first election in 1860, Lincoln claims to have been started by a vision of two faces in the mirror at the same time. His wife thought that this was a sign that he would be elected a second time. However, the second face was different from the first, pale and gaunt. Lincoln concluded that he would not live through his second term. Several mediums who worked with the president said that he claimed extraordinary psychic abilities.

His wife Mary was also keen on mediums and to have worked with them regularly, especially after the death of her son Willie in order to contact him. Several seances were conducted in the White House itself by Mary, some of which Lincoln also attended. Lincoln is said to have once attended a séance during which a piano lifted up and moved around the room.

During one such séance, the well-known English clairvoyant Charles Colchester is said to have predicted Lincoln’s death. Later exposed as a fraud, Colchester’s warnings were ignored. Colchester was also known to be a friend of John Wilkes Boothe, the assassin.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

During World War II, the famous clairvoyant Jeane Dixon was invited to the Oval Office in order to advise President Roosevelt. It is said that she correctly predicted that the war would end sometime after mid-1945, but that, unfortunately, Roosevelt would not live to see it.

Dixon is also famous for predicting the death of J.F. Kennedy in an interview with Parade magazine in 1956. She said that a Democrat would win in 1960, but would die in office.

Richard Nixon

Richard continued the relationship between the White House and Dixon. It is said that her visions prompted Nixon to create a counterterrorism unit for the country just a few months before the Munich Massacre.

Dixon also made many predictions that did not come to fruition. She predicted that the Russians would beat the United States in the race to the moon, that World War III would begin in 1958, and that a cure for cancer would be found in 1967. She also claimed that a new holocaust would happen in the 1980s, and that after that Rome would again become the centre of the world.

Nixon is recorded referring to Dixon as ‘the soothsayer’ on the infamous Nixon White House tapes.

Jimmy Carter

President Jimmy Carter, who ran on a platform of transparency, revealed that at the height of the Cold War the US intelligence community performed research and experiments into ESP, responding to apparent Russian interest in Psychics. Carter disclosed that they once used psychic remote viewing to locate a downed plane in Africa. The woman involved delivered the exact coordinates of the plane, astounding Carter.

Ronald Reagan

Reagan survived many political scandals and attempts on his life, many say thanks to the services of psychics. Reagan’s wife Nancy is said to have consulted the psychic Joan Quigley on a daily basis. While the Reagans tried to keep their relationship with Quigley private, they were unsuccessful. When the relationship was exposed, they emphasised that psychic visions were only one of many sources of information that Reagan used to make decisions. However, friends of the family later claimed that the Reagans used Quigley’s insights to plan even the minutiae of their calendars, including press conferences, speeches and flights. They strongly believed in choosing the most propitious moment for everything.

It is claimed that Nancy Reagan has special phone lines installed in the White House and at Camp David for the express purpose of being able to contact Quigley as needed. This was after Reagan was shot by John Wayne Hinckley. Apparently, Quigley had predicted that this would be a bad day for the president, but the prediction did not reach the Reagans in time for them to respond.

Bill Clinton

Biographer Bob Woodward claims that Hilary Clinton attempted to communicate with the ghost of former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt in a White House séance. Hilary Clinton later claimed that this was just a metaphor for a brainstorming session by contemplating what someone she respected would do.

However, both Bill and Hilary Clinton have been associated with the Rockefeller Initiative, which was a mid-90s push from the billionaire for government to release any information about the extra-terrestrial or the supernatural.

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