Adam Nowell became an instant hit for his Netflix’s ‘My Secret Terrius’ reaction

40-year-old Adam Nowell was watching South Korean series My Secret Terrius. As the series was made 2 years ago, Nowell noticed that the fictional storyline for the sake of entertainment had eerie similarities with today’s pandemic.

In episode 10 of the Korean series, the characters were talking about a mutated coronavirus that’s being used as a sort of weapon of mass destruction by the terrorists.

Just like in today’s COVID-19, the doctor in the show was discussing how the fictional virus was attacking the lungs with two to 14 days for its incubation period. Unfortunately, even in the series, there were no vaccines and specific cures.

However, some good news is that the mortality rate of the fictional virus comes at around 90% when in reality it is much lower than that.

When Nowell filmed and posted on Facebook his observations in lieu of the Korean drama, it quickly garnered over a million views with thousands of shares. The video’s not only famous on Facebook, but also on other platforms.

Nowell said: “I’d ran out of things to watch on Netflix so started watching this South Korean show with subtitles, just for something a bit different.

“The similarities of the coronavirus in the show with what’s happening now is mad.”

“I never expected that many people to watch it, but it’s been shared all over the world. I used to live in Australia and I’ve got friends over there who say their neighbours have been showing them the video, not knowing that they know me. My inbox has gone crazy and is filled with messages.”

“It’s weird because Netflix seem to have taken that episode down but the rest of the series is still there.” You can watch Adam’s full video here.”

We always knew how eerily similar today and the series was, Nowell really just put things into perspective. Stay safe, people!

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