More on Tessa LeBaron’s gig for Netflix and Elle Fanning’s ‘All the Bright Places’

What a wonderful surprise this is! Oftentimes, audiences take for granted the art and paintings hung on the walls or simply shown on movie scenes––but not this time, people!

Tessa LeBaron, an artist from Ashtabula, was commissioned to illustrate the composition book owned by Elle Fanning’s character in the movie All the Bright Places!

Deservingly, LeBaron felt “surreal” knowing that her drawings are in the movie. I mean, that’s a feat as an artist, right?!

Kelleigh Miller, the film’s property master, saw her in the Cleveland art scene and approached LeBaron to ask if she could create the drawings in the film.

“She checked out my website and said she liked my work a lot because it was vibrant and bold artwork,” LeBaron said.

“She wanted sketches in a gesture drawing style, to look as if Elle Fanning’s character drew them in the notebook in the movie,” LeBaron said in accordance to what Miller wanted her to do for the movie. “The artwork is used in the film because Elle Fanning’s character is a high-school student. She is given an assignment to write and draw about places she goes in the movie. That’s where my artwork comes in to play.”

“When I saw the actual movie for the first time, the suspense was building up the whole time because they didn’t show my artwork until near the end of the movie. I wasn’t sure if they ended up using the drawings for the movie, but they did! When I saw my drawings, I jumped up with excitement,” LeBaron said. “It was a very surreal feeling to see my art in a movie on Netflix!”

According to LeBaron, she always wanted to grow up to be an artist––having been living and growing up in Ashtabula.

“I started out doing custom paintings for people in town,” LeBaron said.

Now, Lebaron is a full-time artist in Cleveland and has her own space in Negative Space Gallery!

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