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Altered Carbon’s new roleplaying game: From screens to tables & dice

Netflix fans will really get down and dirty just so they can get what they want. I like it.

Netflix’s American cyberpunk web television series, Altered Carbon, is getting an epic tabletop roleplaying game. It has collected over $95,000 in pledges from its Kickstarter for the funding of the RPG. Originally, the goal was to set just $20,000 but then like I said, Netflix fans can get down and dirty like that.

The RPG is already being developed in collaboration with Skydance Television which is the company responsible for the beloved Netflix series. Just like in the series, Bay City (what San Francisco looks like in the cyber age) will be the fictional universe’s main city for all of your upcoming journeys.

Death, in this game, doesn’t really mean too much. Much like politicians, anyone can be easily replaced. Wink, wink. The game is like that and it pretty much expects you to die, if I’m being quite honest. Your old and dead self can transfer to a new body with its own set of skills an attributes. However, that’s if you can pay for it or somebody’s kind enough to lend you some cha-ching for your it’s-the-second-coming moment.

As you can see, the game isn’t too far off from the show. It’s still include action-packed “neo-noir” stories. In this world, though, you can’t buy anything with heads––instead, you have to pledge a minimum of $25 for the Altered Carbon RPG PDF and double ($50) if you want the hard copy AND the PDF. But then again, there is this one bundle called the “Synthetic Bundle” and as stupid as it sounds, the dice in that bundle carried it. A set of “Illuminim” dice that have faces on each side? Check. Having to use UV light to see what’s in the dice? Check. $150? A big ol’ check, my friends.

With the soon releasing of Altered Carbon‘s second season, we can expect more characters thus more excitement. Let’s go, February!

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