Amazon Prime Video cancels Treadstone

The first (and now the only) season of Treadstone premiered on Amazon’s streaming platform in January of this year. The series was framed within Jason Bourne’s universe and tried to shed more light on the dark CIA special program where they turned soldiers into killing machines for clandestine operations.

I’m not going to lie, I like spy and conspiracy plots, and apparently, I’m not the only one. Treadstone was well received by Amazon Prime Video subscribers, so the chances of having a second season were pretty high. However, USA Network, responsible for the rights of the series, decided not to go ahead with the project and gave the order to cancel Treadstone.

USA Network keeps getting rid of the series where they don’t see a good opportunity to build audiences and make money. A few days ago, the company also canceled “Dare Me”, which also had a successful launch on Netflix.

The only consolation for the fans of Jason Bourne’s universe is that maybe Amazon Prime Video will acquire the rights to the series, and they decide to continue production for their part.

Despite these last bad news, USA Network recently renewed The Boys for a third season, as well as the recently released Upload for a second season.

For now, Treadstone will be a drawer project for USA Network. Hopefully, Amazon will make their move to try and buy the rights to the series. Until then, we have one less spy plot on Amazon Prime Video.

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