Amazon Prime Video confirms a series based on ‘Fallout’

The streaming platform will be in charge of adapting the post-apocalyptic classic “Fallout.”

After months of negotiations, Amazon Prime Video has finally confirmed that it has acquired the rights to adapt the “Fallout” video game series. In charge of the development of the series will be the couple behind the successful series “Westworld,” we are talking about the marriage formed by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy.

Nolan and Joy had already signed a lucrative deal with Amazon Studios to develop several projects. From the statement, they highlighted the richness of the world that built the video game from its multiple deliveries.

Kilter Films, the couple’s production company, will be in charge of the adaptation, which will also be produced by Bethesda Games Studios and Bethesda Softworks, to bring to the small screen the story of this post-apocalyptic future after a collapse that destroyed the dream of a better world through the exploitation of nuclear energy.

Let’s remember that “Fallout” is a series of role-playing games initially published by Interplay and later by Bethesda Softworks. Although the plot takes place in the 22nd and 23rd centuries, there is a strong influence of the post-war culture developed in the 1950s in the United States, as well as the combination of hope in technological progress and fear of nuclear annihilation.

The most exciting possibility is that it will be a live-action series about the video game, which would be a strong proposal to build loyalty among the gamers behind ‘Fallout.’ So far, we only know what Amazon Prime Video has let us see through their social networks, but we have no doubt that soon we will have more details about the adaptation.

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