Amazon Studios and Hullman Grad collaborate to adapt Neil Paik’s “Reawakening”

There are rumors that Amazon Studios and Hillman Grad are working on a series based on Neil Paik’s famous short film about two brothers who are separated by violent events.

Paik is adapting the story of his short film to fit the small screens. He will be working as co-executive producer with Hillman Grad’s Lena Waithe and Rishi Rajani. This project is part of a more extensive collaboration between Waithe and Amazon Studios.

The plot of Reawakening is about the story of a brother and sister who are separated from each other by violence. At one point they find themselves on opposite sides of a conflict between the refugees of planet earth and the natives of a utopian planet.

This would be Paik’s second short film to start its adaptation to series format in recent weeks. We recently learned that Rainbowfish (another of his short films) is starting to be adapted by Warner Bros. and Macro.

Paik gained a lot of notoriety after The Lost, a short film he made in collaboration with AT&T and DirecTV qualified for the Oscar in 2018. A year after that, The Lost, another of his works, won an Artios Award in the short film category.

Hillman Grad doesn’t disappoint either. The company has projects on Netflix, Disney, HBO, Amazon, and more. So Reawakening has everything (at least on paper) to be another Amazon Prime Video success.

In any case, we still have to wait for information about the production details and the cast.

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