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Andy Murray: Resurfacing – Amazon to prep an exclusive documentary on Scottish tennis player

Andy Murray is one of the biggest tennis players of the last couple of decades but a slate of hip injuries and surgeries derailed his career to the point of considering retiring at 32 years old, fairly early retirement age for a tennis player.

But he’s made a comeback. He won his first ATP Tour s ingles title in two and a half years, as he defeated the Swiss Stan Wawrinka in the European Open in Antwerp, Belgium a month ago, and now, Amazon Prime Video revealed it would premiere a documentary on the Scot’s struggles and comeback, called ‘Andy Murray: Resurfacing.’

Murray is a two-time Wimbledon champ, two-time Olympic medal winner, and former ATP Ranking #1. A couple of years ago a slate of hip issues thwarted his career and he was in the professional limbo for most of that time. In a last attempt to recover from his issues, he underwent a hip resurfacing surgery at the beginning of the year, which is a surgery no other tennis singles player had come back from.

The feature documentary will be available in Amazon Prime Video from Friday, November 29 and follows his rehab from his chronic injury and risky surgery that endangered his career. The documentary will give viewers access to the most personal aspects of the last two years of Murray’s life, which Amazon has called “a candid, personal portrait” of Murray “at his most vulnerable”.

“The film will take you on a journey through what were some of the lowest, most difficult periods of my life both physically and mentally, and will hopefully show and inspire viewers, that with the right mindset and work ethic, anything is possible,” Murray said on a statement.

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