‘Anne with an E’: Petition sees a million signatures! Your move, Netflix

Heard all around the world, Anne with an E has been supported by over 1 million signatures fans through a fan-led campaign in order to revive the series. Not only is this a pretty hefty number to deal with but the number represents the largest campaign to ever exist that sees to revive a show in the history of the streaming giant.

Fans were saddened to know that the final season of Anne with an E would be premiering its last season in January 2020. Despite having holes in the plot that could’ve been answered with future seasons, CBC and Netflix decided not to renew the series.

I mean, there’s a reason why more than a million people want the series back––Netflix and CBC made an absolute fan-favorite out of the show. It speaks the truth to the audiences, and that’s what makes it special. Debuting in March of 2017 alongside the novels of Lucy Maud Montgomery, it only recently celebrated its third anniversary. Showrunner Moira Walley-Beckett celebrated with the fans, saying:

“Anne Nation you are the sweetest! Thank you for remembering that 3 years ago today #AnnEwithanE aired for the very first time. It means so much to me that you remembered and are celebrating it!”

Previously, the record-holder for petitions was held by Sense8 which had more than 500,000 signatures. Fortunately for the fans, the show was brought back for a movie special.

On the other hand, Anne with an E is also supported by celebrity endorsements. Ryan Reynolds, for example, said that:

“You guys might want to renew Anne with an E. Unless ‘final season’ is just a fun way of saying ‘halfway point,’”


There’s a lot of clamor from the fans. However, despite the cancelation, there’s a chance that either Netflix or CBC could think things through. Netflix loves the fans, and they’ll do anything to satisfy them. So, Netflix, how does losing a million fans sound to you? Oh, and Ryan Reynolds included.

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