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Apple TV+ officially renews ‘See’ for a second season

‘See’ was one of the first group of Apple TV+’s originals to launch with the streamer debut on November 1st, and is probably the one that’s received the most attention, even though it hasn’t obtained critical success (40 % in Rotten Tomatoes).

Apple TV+ has renewed for a second season, alongside the other three originals that aired on November 1st.

‘See’ has received such level of attention for two main reasons: its grand concept and… Jason Momoa. The show follows a story of post-apocalyptic humanity where all people have gone blind but a child that can see is born. Like ‘Children of Men’ but with blind people. A TV show where everyone is blind is hard to execute, to say the least.

Aside from the enticing concept, the execution wasn’t always as good. There are great moments like Jason Momoa going full Khal Drogo and fighting many opponents at the same time using aural cues in a Daredevil-manner to locate them.

But the mixed reviews about its execution has been heard by Apple, as some rumors indicate that ‘See’ may receive some rocking changes at the top.

‘See’ is helmed by Frances Lawrence, who directed ‘The Hunger Games,’ and Steve Knight, the man behind ‘Peaky Blinders,’ but that may change soon. ‘See’ has an enormously expensive budge. Counting its upcoming Season 2, it has an estimated cost of $240 million, which means Apple is betting hard on its success.

Apple hasn’t announced a release date for the second season of ‘See,’ but considering its November 1st release for Season 1, it may be somewhere close that date in 2020.

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