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Are We Still Expecting “Resident Evil” to Come to Netflix?

Just this weekend, legendary game Resident Evil spread online not because of some jerk who really had to ask social media how to be the game, but because the TV series was confirmed to be coming to Netflix in the future. For years, fans have been awaiting the show despite trending hoaxes and rumors and don’t even get us started with the report back in January. Netflix, on the other hand, has remained quiet on the subject of a Resident Evil television series. So this weekend, consider fans: SHOOKT.

Although, fans couldn’t really get their hopes up. The series has yet to be seen with an update or even just a report following January 2019. As of today, you can’t really stream Resident Evil on any streaming service, and it’s really looking foggy if we’ll ever see the show. Fans, though, are still not losing hope. They voice-out through their fan arts, and I think that’s the best way to push for a show––a strong fan base.

If you’re wondering what happened last January, Deadline published an article, along with a report that the streaming giant, Netflix, was “developing a scripted series based on the hit action-horror franchise” Resident Evil. Producing the picture was supposed to be Constantin Film because they would be able to “expand the Resident Evil universe and deepen the existing (sic) mythology.” Kayla Cobb, Decider’s one and only, told that this was a “chillingly smart move” for Netflix.

One little roadblock, though. No one could really comment about the report, nor were they allowed to speak about it because Netflix was searching for the series’ producers. No matter how likely Netflix was to launch the show, they just couldn’t because of the lack of members for the crew including producers, directors, and even the case.

Still, there’s no series to watch for all those diehard Resident Evil franchise fans. But, always keep the hype, make more art! Your passion fills up the void of the absence of the series––a void easily recoverable by such fans. 😉

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