Ashton Kutcher Net Worth: 10 Things About Famous Investor & Model’s Wealth

Ashton Kutcher was born on February 7, 1979, making him 40 years old. The professional actor and comedian is known for starring in films like Just Married, What Happens in Vegas, and Dude, Where’s My Car? He also was the host of the MTV hit Punk’d and had a regular role on the show Two and a Half Men.

Kutcher is married to actress Mila Kunis, and the pair have two children together. The couple met on the set of That ’70’s Show where they both had significant roles.

Here are some things you might not have known about Ashton Kutcher.

  1. He is one of the richest actors in the world.. His net worth is currently estimated at $200 million.
  2. He has a twin brother.. What you might not know is Ashton has a twin brother, Michael, who has cerebral palsy. Michael is a spokesperson for the advocacy organization Reaching for the Stars.
  3. Before acting, Ashton was a model.. After dropping out of high school, Ashton signed a modeling contract with Next modeling agency in New York. He appeared in commercials for Calvin Klein and modeled in Paris and Milan.
  4. He big break came in 1998.. He was cast on the television show That ’70’s Show. He starred on the show for eight years, and it helped jump-start his movie career.
  5. He likes investing.. Besides acting, Ashton loves to invest his money in mainly startups. He has been known to put money into Airbnb, FourSquare, ResearchGate, and Zenreach.
  6. He made headlines for his previous marriage.. Before marrying Mila Kunis, Ashton was married to Demi Moore who is 15 years older than him.
  7. Most of his money comes from his tech investments.. Although Ashton has had a great acting career, he has only made around $25 million from that, and the rest is from all his investments.
  8. His home is worth a lot of money.. Currently, Ashton lives in a $10.21 million-dollar house with his wife that is located in a highly secure area in Beverly Hills.
  9. Their kids won’t have trust funds.. Both Ashton and his wife have made remarks numerous times that they won’t set up trust funds for their kids because they don’t want them going up spoiled.
  10. He invested a lot of money into Uber.. With Ashton and his partners, who invested $500,000 into the company, they probably wouldn’t be where they are today.

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