B.J. Novak is working on “Young People,” a new series for HBO Max

B.J. Novak is one of the actors and writers of the legendary “The Office”. News broke that he’ll be writing and producing a new series for HBO.

The new HBO series has already received the green light to set up a writers’ room and begin work on the pilot chapter and several additional scripts.

Young People would have the same format as The Office (a multi-cam comedy). The stars will be six young men in their twenties who share an apartment in Brooklyn, New York. The series is about friendship in the age of self-discovering and conflict. It also will address issues such as the role of technology in our increasingly disconnected society and related topics such as the anxiety that characterizes this generation of young people.

Young People will be produced entirely by Warner Bros. Television (remember that the company has an alliance with HBO to get a place in the streaming platform market).

This new HBO Max series doesn’t have an announced release date yet. Still, because of the status of the project, it’s safe to say that it will hit our screens sometime next year since the filming process hasn’t even begun. The global pandemic is keeping the entertainment world at a standstill.

Some of the projects Novak has been involved in are “The Newsroom,” “Community,” and “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Those of you not so familiar with comedy might recognize him from his roles in “Inglorious Basterds,” or “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.”

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