Clamor from ‘Back To The Future II’ fans have been heard by Netflix––the classic scene is back!

As you may know, Back To The Future II was released by Netflix some time ago. However, the fans of the films were quick on their feet to share their disappointment towards the streaming platform’s version of the film. The film was released with an edited version of a classic scene from the monster franchise’s second film.

The scene from the historic 1989 film Back To The Future II was when Marty McFly happens to find what he thought was his stolen sports almanac that he purposely traveled back in time to take back was an issue of Oh La La magazine, an adult magazine.

The edited version from Netflix seemingly covers the magazine’s photos––assuming that the film would be more of a film for all ages.

However, with a strong franchise such as BTTF, loyal fans noticed and have, of course, took it to social media to share their disbelief towards the streaming platform.

“If [Netflix] sloppily edited this beloved trilogy, WHO KNOWS what OTHER films they’ve tampered with without you even noticing,” Justin Proper said. Take note of this name.

Another said that Netflix has given “a fantastic example of why physical media is important.” Referring to how streaming platforms nowadays are tampering with classic, beloved shows.

“I can watch Back To The Future II in it’s original unedited form. And I thought Disney+ had a censoring problem. With the stuff #Netflix has in movies & kids shows, I wonder why they singled out one scene.”


Another tweeter said that “this censorship bullshit is why I still buy physical media.”

However, this all changed when Netflix took notice of their mistake to leave out such a classic scene for the fans. In fact, I would even say that they’d be selling newer, potential fans short because of this––but they’ve redeemed themselves.

The classic scene is up and running totally because of Justin Proper’s tweet that quickly spread like fire to fans like himself. Today’s a good internet day, people! This is why you never shy away from letting your voice be heard.

Now, it’s time to enjoy me some BTTF II and you should too.





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