10 Best Adult Cartoons Currently on Netflix

This period of quarantine has been a great time to be productive, by re-watching every episode of the amazing adult cartoon Rick and Morty, all of which are currently available on Netflix. But why stop there, here are ten amazing adult cartoons to while away the hours at home over the coming weeks.


The ten series of the popular FX cartoon Archer are now on Netflix. The show follows an intelligence agency and takes a comical look at the world of James Bond. We are mostly occupied with eight agents based in New York who are led by Malory Archer, a retired agent who is now the head of the agency. We also have the narcissistic Sterling Archer, who has the added trauma of being managed by his own mother. These are definitely some of the worst secret agents you are likely to encounter.

Big Mouth

Created by Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg, this show follows the lives of teenagers in suburban New York-based on their own experiences. All three seasons are available on Netflix and deal with tough issues such as puberty, masturbation, and what to do when you get sexually aroused at the wrong moment. The teenagers are often given not very helpful hormone monsters on their shoulders in the place of angels. They are also guided by inanimate objects brought to life in confusing ways, and to make the life of our protagonists just that much more confusing!

Bojack Horseman

It is sad, but the Bojack Horseman show is coming to an end with its sixth season, which recently premiered on Netflix. It follows an anthropomorphic horse Bojack, who is also a washed-up 1990s sitcom star that is trying to become relevant again in Hollywood. Things start to get interesting when he teams up with a ghostwriter to create a tell-all autobiography, whose digging reveals some hilarious stories and secrets.


The prolific Matt Groening takes his signature style to a new world with this Netflix series, which currently has one season. It is set in the fantasy world of Dreamland where we meat Princess Bean, who also happens to be a rebellious alcoholic. She has no intention of fitting into the royal mold, but finds herself battling to save her kingdom, with the help of her elf companion Elfo and demon Luci. There are some delightful plays on the characters of fairy tales, and season one ends on a bit of a cliff hanger, so we can’t wait for season two.

F is Family

This Netflix classic created by Bill Burr and Michael Price already has three seasons and is going strong. It centers on an Irish-American family in the mid-1970s. It definitely follows The Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad mold with loveable but flawed dad, mum who could do better, and kids that always belong to the weird crows. There are some great talents attached to the show including Bill Burr, Laura Dern, Justin Long, and Sam Rockwell.

Final Space

Sometimes called a space opera, this show follows astronaut Gary Goodspeed and his alien companion Mooncake as they travel the galaxy trying to solve the mystery of the final space. Of course, Gary has gone space crazy after a five-year mission, and Mooncake can devour planets. They collect a ragtag team of shipmates along the way that all add a new layer of observational perspective and comedy.

Paradise PD

This Netflix series follows a smalltown police department that is highly incompetent, and in no way prepared to deal with the crime wave that is sweeping across their small town. This adult cartoon feels a little inspired by Simon Pegg’s Hot Fuzz, with some crazy characters in the community, and apparently more going on under the surface than is obvious, not that our dysfunctional team has a clue!

Rick and Morty

If you haven’t already seen Rick and Morty then you are missing out on the next adult cartoon phenomenon. All four seasons of the show are now available on Netflix. It follows Rick, a mad scientist, who moves in with his daughter, son in law and two grandkids. He takes the youngest of the two, a 14-year-old boy struggling with puberty, on adventures with him to some very strange places as he discovers that the alcoholic ravings on his mad scientist grandfather are all real.

Super Drags

For something a little bit different, check out this Brazilian comedy cartoon about three friends that are department store workers by day, but superheroes in drag of course, that protect the LGBT community by night. Only five episodes were made before the show was canceled by Netflix, but it is sure to find a cult fanbase within certain communities.

Tuca & Bertie

While this show was canceled after just one season, it has highly acclaimed and has a bit of a cult following. It stars Tiffany Haddish as the voice of Tuca, a newly sober toucan trying to get their life back on track, and Ali Wong as Bertie, a serious songbird with big dreams, but who must also deal with their best friend Tuca. Thirty-somethings living in the same apartment building, they don’t know how to stay away from trouble.

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