15 Best Anime Series Currently on Hulu to Get Your Geek On

I think that we can all agree that cartoons are no longer just for kids. We are all familiar with the adult cartoons coming out of the US, but before there was Family Guy, there was Japanese anime. Japanese anime has a long history of using animation to create strange and fantastical worlds full of grit and gore, and explore senstive adults issues, though usually in bizarre ways.

If you are an existing anime fan looking for some great content, head to Hulu for an excellent selection. If you are thinking of giving anime a go, head to Hulu again and check out any or all of these 15 amazing anime series currently available on the platform.

Attack on Titan (2013)

IMDB Score 8.8/10

One of the biggest phenomenon in anime in recent years, based on popular graphic novels, this series is gory, gritty and addictive. It is set in an alternative world where people live in walled cities in order to protect themselves from the Titans, which are kind of like giant zombies. It is currently halfway through season three and there are some special episodes available.

Cowboy Bebop (1998)

IMDB Score 8.8/10

A bit of a classic now, as it was released in 1998, it is a must-see for any aspiring anime fan. The show is space-cowboy themed and follows a group of bounty hunters and outlaws as they move through space. Each episode stands alone, but taken together the character development is actually quite compelling.

Death Parade (2015)

IMDB Score 8/10

This series manages to mix the macabre with the playful and maintain a light air without losing its profound heart. The concept of the show is that when two people die at exactly the same time they are sent to a sort of limbo where they must complete in a game to determine who gets an afterlife, and which will simply blink out of existence.

Erased (2016)

IMDB Score 8.6/10

With its mix of serial killer mysteries and supernatural concepts, this series is seriously addictive. It focusses on a character that can be triggered to move back in time a few minutes following a disaster, which enables him to try and prevent said disaster from happening. Eventually he is thrown back 20 years in time, but it turns out that what seems like an accident, maybe the universe asking him to solve a much bigger disaster.

FLCL (2000)

IMDB Score 8.3/10

A series based on adolescent angst, this is no teen drama. The series follows a group of complacent teenagers as they try to transition into adulthood. But the show blends these relatable themes with the truly absurd with wacky storylines and surreal animation style. The show never loses its heart.

Food Wars (2015)

IMDB Score 8.3/10

Love cooking shows and love anime? Mix them together, and this is what you get. Set in an elite Japanese cooking school, Soma is trying to acquire the skills to take over his father’s restaurant. Exams are conducted Iron Chef style with judges harsher than Gordon Ramsey. Interesting food and good characterisation simmered to perfection.

Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto (2016)

IMDB Score 7.2/10

A little bit like watching Sherlock Holmes at school, Sakamoto is always outsmarting everyone. The premise of the show is that Sakamoto is a high school student who is basically perfect. Everything is easy for him and he has amazing good luck. While jealous peers try to bring him down, he is always one step ahead. Sounds dull? The writers have managed to keep the show engaging, and our lead likeable.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (2012)

IMDB Score 8.3/10

Conceived of in the 1980s, this show is still going strong and finding new audiences. The show manages to keep itself fresh by following an entire family of Jos across the generations. The series delivers some unbelievable costumes and some creative fight scenes, but never sacrifices on character development.

My Hero Academia (2016)

IMDB Score 8.4/10

This really is Japan’s answer to the X-Men academy. Set in a world where many people are born with latent superpowers, there are of course schools to train them. One bot, Izuku, is obsessed with superheroes, despite being normal, but a series of events leads the world’s greatest superhero All Might to share his superpowers with Izuku, and much more. Izuku must then attend superhero school to figure out his powers.

One-Punch Man (2015)

IMDB Score 8.9/10

This show is about a superhero, One-Punch Man, that is so powerful that he can kill any enemy with, you guessed it, one punch. The lack of challenge in life has left him apathetic, so he goes through the motions of saving the world with a blasé air. This character trait adds some great humour to the fight scenes, and we get to meet some extremely quirky and interesting heroes and villains.

Samurai Champloo (2004)

IMDB Score 8.6/10

So many anime series are about samurai, but this show really is a cut above the rest. While the core of the storyline is a simple samurai quest, the show reimagines Edo-era Japan as a post-modern hip hop wonderland. In this way the show manages to turn the classic story on its head offering an entirely new take.

Space Dandy (2014)

IMDB Score 8.1/10

Dandy is a bounty hunter, and with his unusual crew, he hunts rare aliens. Each show visits a new planet, allowing it to explore new monsters and themes each time, a little like Doctor Who. This show has earnt the right to be every bit as popular and iconic as Doctor Who, so start watching.

Steins; Gate (2011)

IMDB Score 8.7/10

This is a show about time travel. But rather than just using time travel as a way to transport its protagonists to interesting new places, the show focusses on the act of time travel itself. It looks at the resulting time paradoxes and risks that result from every act of travelling through time. The first few episodes are a little slow, but it picks up quickly, so persevere.

Terror in Resonance (2014)

IMDb Score 7.9/10

This is quite a controversial show, as it focusses on two terrorists as they are in the process of carrying out attacks against Japan, and places them in a very sympathetic light. These men are on a dark mission to expose secrets that the Japanese government is trying to keep hidden. The show is both entertaining and challenging.

Trigun (1998)

IMDB Score 8.3/10

A classic from the 1990s, the show follows an archetypal gunslinger as he avoids and basically massacres the bounty hunters and assassins that are out to get him. Of course, our protagonist is no cold-hearted killer, but would rather preach the gospel of peace and love. Unfortunately, that is hard when the world wants you dead.

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