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10 Best Brazilian shows on Netflix

In December 2019 Netflix is releasing new Brazilian series Spectros, which is being described by some as the Brazilian answer to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the second season of their cult classic The Chosen One. To celebrate the way that Netflix is bringing Brazilian television talent to the wider world, let’s have a look at ten amazing Brazilian shows that you can catch on Netflix.


The first Brazilian language series to land on Netflix, it is now in its third season. It is set in a dystopian future in which most of the world lives in poverty. However, every year, every young person that turns 20 years old has the opportunity to complete ‘the process’ that will give them the opportunity to join a small utopian community. Only three percent of candidates succeed. Starring Joao Miguel, Bianca Comparato, Michel Gomes and Rodolfo Valente.

Coisa Mais Linda

This story centres of a woman, Malu. She is a wealthy woman living in Sao Paulo in a seeming happy relationship. Her and her husband decide to move to Rio de Janeiro and open a restaurant. But Malu soon discovers that she has been tricked, and her husband has taken all of their money and abandoned her. She must now start building a new life for herself, and find a new dream. Starring Maria Casadevall. Season one came out in 2019 and a second season has been greenlit.

O Escolhido

The second season of this addictive series is landing on Netflix in December 2019. It focusses on a group of doctors who decide to infiltrate a mysterious cult in order to discover the secrets of their healing abilities. They are trying to fight a mutation of the Zika virus. They soon find themselves trapped in the community and facing supernatural explanations for what they thought was science. Starring Paloma Bernardi, Renan Tenca and Pedro Caetano.


A crime drama coming out of Sao Paulo, it is set in the mid-1990s and follows honest lawyer Cristina who finds herself in a difficult position because of the criminal connections of her brothers, who is currently serving a prison sentence. She is forced by the police to become an informant on the prison faction of which her brother is a part, putting both of their lives in danger. Starring Seu Jorge and Naruna Costa, season one premiered in October 2019.

Killer Ratings

The true crime docuseries focusses on Wallace Souza, a Brazilian TV presenter and politician accused on ordering a series of murders for the purpose of improving the rating of his popular TV news show Canal Livre. The plot is incredibly complex slowing revealing conspiracies, political disputes and unbelievable violence.

O Mecanismo

Looking at Brazil’s recent political history, this is a dramatization of Operation Car Wash, a police investigation into a corruption scheme that seemed to reach across every level of the Brazilian government. Netflix has released two series so far. Starring Selton Mello and Caroline Abras.

Pacto de Sangue

Another Brazilian program based on the unbelievable life and crimes of television presenter Wallace Souza, this dramatization stars Guilherme Fontes as the mogul that ordered a series of murders in order to boost the ratings of his news television show. Souza is renamed Silas Campello, and he is depicted as sitting at the centre of a organised crime ring alongside his brother Edinho, played by Adriano Garib.


For something a bit lighter, this series follows a former child star, Samantha, who had her own show and led a musical group in the 1980s. She is now scheming her return to the spotlight. Two seasons have come out so far, starring Manuelle Araujo as the titular Samantha. A light and fun series to balance the significantly heavier shows coming out of Brazil.


Doni, Nando and Rita are three friends that grew up together in Sao Paulo. This film follows their interconnected lives as they become involved in music, drug trafficking and religion. More than a story of three friends, this is the story of an entire neighbourhood. Starring MC Jottape, Christian Malheiros and Bruna Mascarenhas, the show premiered on Netflix in August 2019.


Landing on Netflix in August 2019, this supernatural thriller sees a group of young people encountering real life horror stories on the streets. They start to piece together what is going on and discover a larger plot to bring the dead back to life. Can they stop this new evil? Starring Danilo Mesquita, Enzo Barone, Claudia Okuno, Pedor Carvalho and Mariana Sena.

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