15 Best Christian Podcasts to Ground Yourself This Year

Listening to podcasts is often something we do to take time out from our busy lives, shut out the noise of the world, and focus on us, and what is important to us. For many people, one thing that is very important, but they don’t always feel like they have sufficient time to reflect on, is their faith.

If you are of the Christian persuasion and would like to find an easy, convenient and fun way to connect with your faith, why not try some of these excellent Christian podcasts.

Adulting – What’s That?

Adulting – What’s That? is a podcast aimed at young adults transitioning between the safety and certainty of home and the big wide world. With a uniquely Christian perspective it looks at common adulting fails, what it means to dream and pursue our passions, and how to remember that we are not alone and not the only person experiencing this journet.

Dad Tired

Dad Tired is a community of men talking about their faith and sharing their ideas about life. The podcast aims to share stories in a way that helps Christian husbands and dads to support their families. They always have a lot of interesting guests and share a lot of different perspectives that help make the themes accessible.

Devoted Dreamers

Devoted Dreamers is devoted to letting women who have been actively pursuing Jesus and making the most of their God-given gifts share their stories. Women share how they have faced their fears and found joy in a way designed to encourage other women who may feel the pull to make changes feel confident about taking their first step on that path.

Glorious in the Mundane

Glorious in the Mundane is a podcast from Christian Artist and Worship Leader Christy Nockels in which she interviews some of her favourite people, including artists and authors, about what inspires them and the role that faith plays in their life and creativity. She aims to inspire other to do whatever it is that they are doing with passion.

Good Good Talks

Good Good Talks embraces the idea that sometimes it isn’t a big even that changes our lives and our perspective, but just a good conversation that lets us see life from a different perspective. Host Stephanie Moss hosts a series of good, good conversations mostly around the challenges facing 20 somethings finding their way through life.

Heart Lessons

Heart Lessons with Sarah Reiki is aimed at women, but has string messages for any listeners. She explores how to hear God’s message and discern the unique path that god has laid out for each individual. She speaks to guests about their real stories or finding their faith and their life’s purpose.

Help Me Teach the Bible

Help Me Teach the Bible  is a podcast from teacher and preacher Nancy Guthrie that aims to help those who teach Bible studies find better ways to make their messages accessible. While aimed at teaches, Guthrie is so clear in her delivery of ideas that this is a great podcast for any student of the Bible, and you will be equipped to talk about it with your friends.

Holy Ordinary Collective

Holy Ordinary Collective is a podcast with author Amanda Whiting about how to enjoy the simpler things in life. She alternates between narrating stories about her life on her farm with her seven children that she home schools, and interviews designed to explore how others have designed their lives and found faith and happiness in simplicity.

In the Midst

In the Midst is a podcast with host Brooke Lee which is designed to help people find time and space in their busy lives for faith. Yes, it is about making sacrifices for the things that are genuine important, but it is also about finding the divine in the little things and the small acts so that it penetrates every aspect of life’s busy schedule.


Journeywoman is squarely focussed on the community that we build around ourselves and the significant difference that it makes to our lives, mortal and spiritual. The podcast features conversations with important Christian leaders on how they successfully navigate the many challenges that life lays out our feet.

Knowing Faith

Knowing Faith looks specifically at how faith is based on Scripture, aiming to dispel the myth that it is mindless or irrational. Hosted by Jen Wilkins, JT English and Kyle Worley, the show is aimed to appeal to a broad audience, and not just a congregation of the faithful. They want to explore the ideas that underpin faith in order to make the concept accessible.

The Purpose Show

The Purpose Show is a regular dose of inspiration from Allie Casazza about how to stop seeing your life as an endless list of chores and obligations, and start enjoying the beautiful abundance that you have. She is particular focussed on mothers and how they can build abundant lives for both themselves and their children.

Risen Motherhood

Risen Motherhood is a weekly podcast aimed specifically at Christian mums. It recognises that motherhood, while a joyful experience, is often also challenging and lonely, and aims to remind women that they are not alone. It embraces that idea of imperfection and that we are all still learning and growing, but how faith can help in the challenging and rewarding role of motherhood.


Setapartgirl is for all women according to host Leslie Ludy. She aims to inspire women of all ages to purse Christian-centred femininity with practical advice based on the Scripture about how to be a woman of faith in the current day and age. She pushes women to push past the surface and find the true meaning of their lives.

Unaltered Grace

Unaltered Grace is dedicated to conversations about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and what every person’s relationship to them means for their lives. The podcast focuses on sharing real stories of people finding their way through grace in order to offer hope, and encourage listeners to see God in every aspect of their lives.


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