Best Comedy Podcast of 2021



The world could feel a little overwhelming, but you can relieve some stress and get a good laugh with a podcast. These comedy podcasts will have you laughing and forgetting all your worries with work, the gym, or even your social life. Most of these podcasts come from comedians that are great at what they do, but they also cross-over into some serious topics that need to be addressed. 

Here are some of the best comedy podcasts of 2021 that you should start listening to. 

Best Friends

You know how you are with your best friend, and this podcast just solidifies that friendship. It is hosted by Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata, real-life best friends. They give their listeners advice about love, life, and everything in between, all while being hilarious and making fun of each other in the process. 

With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus 

Instead of hosting this podcast, Lauren Lapkus takes a different approach and allows her guest to control the podcast. Lapkus loves to play other characters during her podcast, which gives the listeners some great content and the podcast is always offbeat and sometimes unexpected but will leave you laughing the entire time. 

My Dad Wrote a Porno

This podcast is a little NSFW, as you can tell by the title, but you will have tears rolling down your face. James Morton and two friends host the podcast after Morton found a porno his dad wrote. The podcast is the trio reading a chapter from the book and discussing what the father has written. 

Entry Level

Brooks Wheelan and his guest talk about the good and bad of their entry-level jobs, proving that some are soul-sucking. The podcast is funny but also inspirational and leaves you always on a lighter note. If you think your job is terrible, just listen to this one. 

This is Branchburg

If you need a good podcast to binge, this is it. The podcast is only ten episodes and takes place in a fictional world called Branchburg, NJ. It talks about small-town stuff that is funny and is an easy listen that is great for a good laugh. 

Sip on This

Ashley Nicole Black hosts this podcast that gives you all the good tea on what is happening in the world. She also discusses an array of relevant topics but will leave you snickering the entire time you listen to it. 

Forever 35 

This podcast focuses a little more on beauty and wellness and is hosted by Doree Shafrir and Kate Spencer. They talk about what it is like to be over 30 and not seeing themselves represented in the mainstream media. The duo talks about the things that matter most to them and love sharing it with a broader audience. 

Citation Needed

Wikipedia is there for all to use, but it doesn’t mean what is written is necessarily right. The hosts of this podcast read various Wikipedia articles and then dismantled it, pretending to be experts on the tops and talking about the results. The episodes are light and fun. 

Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet

Yelp, you love and hate it, and siblings Alex and Christine Schiefer make it a little funnier. The two dramatically read yelp reviews and poke fun at all the first world problems that are mentioned in the review. 

Cool Playlist 

Eliza Skinner shares a playlist that is relevant to a specific event or moment in history with insights of the event and celebrity guest. It will take you back to your past when you made a playlist yourself for literally everything. 


These podcasts are perfect for listening to if you need a pick me up and a good laugh. They are light and fun, and some of the topics they discuss are hilarious and fresh. If you need something a little more hard-hitting, here are some great crime podcasts you can listen to.

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