Best Cooking Shows on Netflix for Foodies



We can admit it; there is something so enjoyable about watching a good cooking show even if you don’t have the intention of cooking the food you’re seeing. Shows like The Great British Baking Show and Nailed It! has picked up steam on social media, and foodies cannot get enough of these incredible shows all surrounding food. 

If you’re a foodie and cannot get your fill when it comes to unique cooking shows, Netflix has a library that is full of amazing shows that will be right up your alley. Here are some of our favorites. 

Taco Chronicles 

Just to start off, this show is in Spanish, but you can watch with English subtitles. This series on Netflix follows tacos and everything you need to know about them. You will learn everything like where they come from, cultural imports, and the history behind them. The series has six episodes, all uniquely different and it will leave you craving tacos. 

Nailed It! 

Hosted by Nicole Byer, you won’t feel as bad in the kitchen after you see the contestants on this show try to recreate gorgeous bake items created by Jacques Torres. The plot of the compilation is getting some of the worst bakers around to come and compete against each other. While they have kind hearts and good intentions, their creations in the kitchen are nothing short of a train wreck. You will laugh so hard at the baking challenge and commentary that you’ll speed right into the second season. 

Chef’s Table 

This series follows a world-famous chef of every episode. Their methods and ideas are all put on display during their episode, and it is a great way to get to know your favorite chefs a little better. Some chefs that are included are Magnus Nillson, Grant Achatz and Christina Tosi. 

Salt Fat Acid Heat


Award-winning author Samin Nosrat hosts this four-part series that is based off Nosrat’s book of the same name. The author travels to California to visit Chez Panisse, as well as other restaurants in Japan, Mexico and Italy. There you investigate cooking as you’ve never seen before, diving into the fundamentals of cooking and how to create a great meal. 


While we love a good show about food, not everything is so grand in the industry. Rotten is on its second season, and the show follows the terrible side of food production. The first season shows you garlic, honey, milk, plus so much more. The second season starts to tackle avocados and sugar. The series won’t bring you the warm and fuzzies, but it is very educational and makes you look at food a whole other way. 

Sugar Rush 

If you love sweets and beautiful creations with them, Sugar Rush is a great show to watch. This timed competition baking show puts four teams against each other as they go head-to-head attempting to create the best desserts. The winners get to take home a nice prize, and the show will make you feel good but also be in awe of their creations. 

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner 

David Chang hosts another food show where he browses different cities and cultures to learn about their food, where it came from, and what authenticity means to them. The show is great, and it features impressive guests like Chrissy Teigen and Kate McKinnon. 

The Great British Baking Show 

Obviously, we had to add this one just in case you haven’t seen it. This cooking competition takes home cooks and has them battle it out to become the Top Baker every episode. The show is more of a feel-good competition rather than a cut-throat one, and the British Charm is nice too. 

The Final Table 

Twelve chefs from all around the world square off against each other to try and create a signature dish from various countries. Celebrities, food critics, and some of the countries’ greatest chefs will judge their food, and one team is eliminated per episode. 

The Chef Show 

Jon Favreau decides he wants to try his hand at cooking and decides to learn from a world-renowned chef, Roy Choi. The show features guests like Gwyneth Paltrow and Seth Rogan and leaves you with a lot of laughs. 


Regardless of what type of cooking show you’re looking for, Netflix has a lot to offer which will leave your foodie heart happy. A lot of these shows have excellent education behind them and for all you know they might leave you feeling a little inspired to get in the kitchen and whip something up yourself.

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