The 15 Best True Crime and Mystery Podcasts to Listen in 2020

Whether you are cleaning your house, relaxing at home, at the gym, dismembering a body or out for a run, there is no excellent way to pass your time than listening to gripping true crime podcasts. These podcasts have come a long way since 2014 when Serial broke the records branching out to reveal and cover a wide range of crimes from different perspectives.

Here are the best podcasts that explore the society, relationships and psychologies just as the crime itself.

Small Town Dicks

This podcast is definitely worth your effort and time. The Small Time Dicks includes two detectives, two hosts, and unlimited crime. Zibby Allen and Yeardley Smith, who are close friends, are fascinated by the true crime and they always sit down on a weekly basis to discuss and hear the real stories of assault, murder, sexual abuse, child abuse, robbery and burglary from Dave and Dan who are detectives in a small town in the United States.

West Cork 

West Cork is a cold-case podcast that features 13 episodes. It is in the vein of the Serial and the Atlanta Monster that focus on the unsolved murder of Sophie Toscan who is a French television producer. It is hosted by Sam Bungey who is an investigative journalist and television producer Jennifer Forde. This podcast does not only examine the unanswered questions that surround Sophie Toscan’s violent murder but also provides an investigative psychological study of the main suspects.


If you do not have much time, this podcast’s under 30-minute episode runtimes are full of information without sacrificing the quality. Straying from the strict killings and death, the main stories detailed by Phoebe Judge who is the host of the Criminal deal with fraud and inmates who learn various lessons

Atlanta Monster 

The Atlanta Monster documents the well-known Atlanta Child Murders, made by the producers of Up and Vanished. It is a spate of murder and disappearance, which gripped Atlanta between the 1970s and 1980s. This podcast is hosted by Payne Lindsey, who is a documentary filmmaker.Payne examines all the unanswered questions about the crime with a cool and dispassionate eye. The only thing that differentiates it is the extensive use of testimony from professionals.

Serial Killers 

This crime podcast dives deep into the motives, histories, and behaviors of the serial killers. You can learn about the crimes and the lives of both famous and modern murderers such as Ted Bundy as well as the late lesser-known murderers like the 16th-century killer and Elizabeth Bathory who was a Hungarian noblewoman.

Wine and Crime

If you want an in-depth coverage on various criminal justice cases and aspects while keeping it light-hearted. Wine and Crime is a delightful trio of the Minnesotan women who pair specific topics in crime with different wines. These women drink, discuss various informational backgrounds, chat about different cases and they generally have an excellent time. Most of the roundtable and humorous crime podcasts go into the unpalatable and irrelevant territory, but Kenyon, Lucky, and Amanda keep it respectful and fresh while supporting various social justice topics which need not be ignored.

Up and Vanished 

If you want to know what happened to Grinstead Tara, who was a former queen and a history teacher, then Up and Vanished is what you need. She disappeared from her home in October 2005, and her murder case is yet to get a solution. Compelled by this cold case, the main host Payne Lindsey interviews relevant individuals examines the evidence and monitors the real-time investigation of the crime. For the first time in a period of 12 years, answers to the questions have been unearthed.


This is one of the most famous crime podcasts to date. Serial is kicking off its 3rd season, and it has won several honors and awards. It is hosted by Sarah Koenig, and the concept is simple and unique. It has several sections and season one covers the well-known nationally publicized crime case of Adnan Syed. Through the investigation, the host realized that the main trial covered up a complicated story than the public or the jury ever got to hear. Season two covers the case of Beau Bergdahl, who was an MIA United States soldier.

Sword and Scale 

Over the course of more than 100 episodes, Mike Boudet who is the host has mined the crime’s history vaults through interviews, calls, trial audio and news to reveal the true stories of murderers, psychopaths, and the disappearances. Every Sword and Scale’s is self-contained and mainly focuses on different cases which means you do not have to listen in chronological order.


This podcast features true-life criminal exploits of well-known musicians such as Tupac and Notorious B.I.G., John Lennon and Frank Sinatra. Fusing music and murder, the 18 episode Disgraceland recounts various outrageous and shocking behaviors of the most influential and famous musical icons in its digestible 30-minute episodes.

Dirty John

Christopher Goffard who is the narrator tells a real-life story of Debra Newell, a renowned interior designer. Debra met her lover online, but he was not all that he had promised to be. Through the interviews from Debra herself and the family, it is a real story about denial and ultimately, love, seduction, and survival. Christopher drip-feeds the horror of the Dirty John story to draw your mind and keep you on the edge of your seat.

Case Notes 

Case Notes is a podcast about crime in the music industry that hits all the high notes. It features mayhem, murder, and scandal in most of its episodes. The episode about Min Kym’s theft is a particularly heart-wrenching. With the musical selections that are impeccable and on the theme each time, tune into Case Notes for the music industry crimes both recent and historical.


In this crime podcast, Gimlet Media and the developers of the HBO’s The Jinx, team up to reveal the mob crime rule and the political corruption that plagued Rhode Island in the early 1970s. A cast of several characters that are related to either faction is revealed and introduced throughout Crimetown’s first season’s episodes showing the effects of the crime on the city.


Hosted by Tim Weaver, a crime writer, this podcast series investigates the world of missing individual to the one who is on the trails. The host meets with the leading professionals from across the world in surveillance forensics, data, technology, and psychology. Find out whether it is possible for an individual to vanish without any trace and the techniques you can use to track them down.

Slow Burn

This is one of the biggest political scandals that feature the Watergate and Bill Clinton impeachment. They are taken apart though anecdotes from politicians, journalists, and supporters on the Slate’s Slow Burn that is hosted by Leaon Neyfakh. The first season tackled the Watergate while season two that is still in progress investigates Clinton.

If you are looking for the best investigative and crime podcasts with exciting, jaw-dropping information, then the above top 15 podcasts should be your starting point.

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