Mess Up Your Mind with these 10 Creepily Good DeepFake Videos

It can be so unsettling when something is just a little bit off, but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is. DeepFake videos will give you exactly this feeling! DeepFake videos utilise advanced Artificial Intelligence technology and human image synthesis to superimpose the faces of new people on those of the original people in films.

While the technology has been used to place famous people in porn videos for years, now people are turning their power to good and making hilariously disturbing clips by taking some of our favourite scenes from iconic films and swapping it the actors.

Not sure what I mean, check out these 10 creepily good DeepFake videos.

Basic Instinct, Starring Steve Buscemi

Basic Instinct is considered one of the sexiest videos of all time, largely thanks to Sharon Stone, but will the movie still hold its appeal if Stone is swapped out for Steve Buscemi?

Fight Club, Starring Edward Norton and Brad Pitt

Spoiler alert if your haven’t seen Fight Club, but the final twist involves multiple personalities. Fans have used DeepFake to bring these personalities to the surface in an even ore mind-bending way.

Ghost in a Shell, Starring Constance Yu

There was a lot of controversy when Scarlett Johansson was cast to star in Ghost in a Shell rather than an Asian actor. Some fans used DeepFake tech to fix the problem, placing Constance Yu in the film.

A Knight’s Tale, Starring the Joker

This deep fark clip puts Heath Ledger’s Joke into Heath Ledger’s A Knight’s Tale to give the creepy villain an even more sinister backstory.

The Shining, Staring Jim Carrey

This video has gone viral, because it is just that strange to see Carrey’s face on Jack Nicholson in the famous flick. But it just looks so sdamn real!

Superman: Man of Steel, Starring Nicholas Cage

This DeepFake video puts Nicholas Cage into 2013’s Man of Steel, but not as the hero that you would expect. This is only one of hundreds of Nicholas Cage DeepFakes that you will find on the internet. There are a small band of people out theee determined to see Cage in pretty much everything.

Terminator, Starring Sylvester Stallone

The rivalry between Schwarzenegger and Stallone has always been a little legendary, so much so that it was immortalized in the film Last Action Hero. But what would we have thought of the Terminator films if they starred Stallone instead?

Wolverine, Starring Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves is known for playing broody, reluctant heroes, which is a pretty good definition of the character of Wolverine. What would have happened if Holywood had cast the well-known Reeves as the mutant hero, rather than the then relatively unknown Hugh Jakman?

Arnold Schwarzenegger, by Bill Hader

Bill Hader already does a pretty good Arnold Schwarsenegger impersonation, but DeepFake takes it to a whole new level.

The Styx, Starring Jimmy Fallon and Paul Rudd

Comedians are making good use of DeepFake techology to take some of their jokes and impersonations to a whole new level.

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