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15 Best Fortnite Skins: A combination of the sweaty and the beauty

Fortnite has been around for a very solid three years and if you’ve played the game for a pretty long time now, you’d know how hard it is to pinpoint a single best Fortnite skin to put on that skin Hall of Fame.

With new skins getting added every season, it’s getting harder and harder to not only keep track of them all but most importantly decide which ones to pick up.

Honestly speaking, the ‘best’ skin might be different for each and every one of us––but that’s the whole point of it. Your Fortnite skin more or less describes how you possibly look at color combinations, how easy it is to appeal to your aesthetic prowess, character model design, and of course, how much it really is. All these are essential criteria that play in your decision to get a skin.

But hey, we’ve made your life a little easier with a list of the best Fortnite skins the game can offer––considering all the criteria mentioned above.

15) The Reaper/John Wick

‘The Reaper’ obviously took inspiration from Pop Culture icon ‘John Wick’ and you can’t blame Epic Games for that. John Wick is always a win. Originally, the skin is available through the Battle Pass from season 3 and was released in May of 2019 for 2000 V-Bucks.

14) Skull Trooper

Only the OGs know of this skin as Skull Trooper came into the game in 2017. A year later, it found its way back to the item shop with a green and purple variant. Legend says it’s still one of the top skins used by players.

13) Tender Defender

One day, an 8-year-old who loves the game sent a design for a Chicken Trooper skin which, of course, gained a lot of traction within the Reddit community. With the original post getting cleaned by an artist, the project of the 8-year-old came to life in no time.

12) Marshmello

You don’t have to be a fan of Marshmello’s music to be a fan of this epic skin. Just like Travis Scott, Marshmello actually played a live concert at Pleasant Park and has been the talk in social media for quite a while.

11) Aerial Threat (Soccer Skin)

You can’t deny it. This skin has been used by the sweatiest of the sweatiest in the game so it HAS to make it. Seeing this from afar just makes you want to avoid these people as much as possible and pray they’d die to other players. The thing is, it’s pretty damn basic––but everyone knew how good you were if you were rocking it.

10) Raven

Arguably one of the better skins produced by Epic Games in terms of dark-themed skins. I think it’s just scary to see purple glowing eyes and a scarecrow-like aesthetic with an epic black and purple color combination.

9) Survival Specialist

Not the best one to look at, but it screams “I’m a sweater” like no other (except Aerial Threat). If you’ve played long enough, this skin dances around during Battle Royales and honestly, it deserves to be here just for that reason.

8) Dazzle

Dazzle doesn’t have the best aesthetic, I must admit, but it carries the best sentiments. The skin’s description reads: The dominator of Dusty Depot. So if you’re a fan of Dusty Depot or have racked up an insane amount of kills in that part of the map, pay homage by using this Dazzle skin.

7) Heidi

A classic Oktoberfest-themed costume! Being an event that goes on for more than two weeks and a heck load of alcohol, the skin brings so much culture as it is the traditional outfit for people during Oktoberfest. Plus it’s pretty rare.

6) Royale Bomber

At first, we all thought that this skin was an accidental leak. However, it just took the whole Fortnite community by storm as it was revealed that making a PS4 Console purchase gave a redeemable code on Epic Games’ website. And look at it, it just screams Fortnite in every level from color combinations to the style.

5) Hime

This has to be my bias. Released in 2018, the female version of the ‘Samurai’ skin set resembles a cat from top to bottom. If you love yourself an epic, royally blue skin––this might just be the skin for you. A piece of art, honestly.

4) Wonder

Included in the HONOR 20 Series, Wonder looks similar to Galaxy, IKONIK, ad the HONOR Guard outfit but still proves it’s worth in being one of the most subtly galactic skins in the game. With its ‘limited’ rarity, people WILL respect you if you have this skin.

3) Fallen Love Ranger

The evil mirror image of the original ‘Love Ranger’ outfit was released on the 15th of February 2019. I mean, just look at it, how can you not want it? Who knew the combination of the gray, pink, and dark purple would work so well?

2) Catastrophe

Part of the HazCat set, the Catastrophe skin is involved in a bio-hazardous activity. Honestly, if you’re looking to have fun and make other peoples’ lives the absolute worst––this is the skin you’re looking for. With ‘TOXIC’ on its chest, you’d know what’s coming.

1) Omega

Just look at it and I don’t think I need to write anything about it anymore. This skin is just so suave in all aspects. It’s like selling ice-cold lemonade on a summer day and Omega is the ice-cold lemonade. You just want it.

The skin was the tier 100 Battle pass skin in season 4. However, players actually have to reach level 85 to fully unlock the whole gear, and knowing that season 4 had a lot of beginners, many don’t enjoy the full gear today in its full glory.

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