10 Best Free Roku Channels for Roku TV and Player Owners

Roku is a great platform to stream some of your favorite shows and networks. With that, Roku is known for their vast amounts of free channels that won’t cost you a dime. These channels include TV shows, movies, and original programming.

This all might seem amazing, but these free channels are also bogged down with a lot of fluff channels that don’t really offer you anything. We decided to do a little digging and found some of the best free channels that you can get with Roku. These channels can include anything from news, to entertainment or something for the kids.

1. YouTube
Do we need to say much more. YouTube is filled with channels that create content spanning anywhere from cooking, to beauty, to comedy skits. The site has over a billion videos and is essentially a never-ending streaming service of content.

2. PBS Kids
With PBS Kids you don’t have to worry about your little ones missing any important content. PBS Kids is free 24/7 on the Roku and you don’t need a paid subscription or login to access it. Your kids will get safe and educational programs that update every Friday.

3. Cartoon Network
Cartoon Network has a plethora of shows that you can stream for free. Shows included are The Regular Show, Teen Titans, Adventure Time, and more. You can’t get all the features on this app without a paid cable subscription but there is enough content to keep you happy.

4. Al Jazeera
Roku doesn’t have a ton of news options, but it has Al Jazeera which is perfect for world news. It has a 24-hours feed of Al Jazeera English that features news programming and daily coverage. If you’ve never heard of Al Jazeera, check them out. There a world-respected news agency that is a little different than what you get in America.

5. America’s Test Kitchen
It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner at cooking or an expert, America’s Test Kitchen is for all. This channel features episodes from America’s Test Kitchen and has a ton of videos to help you cook your next meal. America Test Kitchen also has helpful videos on the best practices in the kitchen.

6. Comet TV
Sci-Fi lovers rejoice, there is a channel for you. Comet TV offers top shelf sci-fi classics in both TV series and movies. The channel is similar to having a cable service with SyFy.

7. Hoopla
With Hoopla, you can use your local library card to check out movies, tv shows, audiobooks, or records each month. If you’re a frequent flyer at your library, make sure to check this service out although it isn’t available through all library yet.

8. Shout Factory TV
Shout Factory TV is dedication to true mystery, classic horror films, sci-fi, and genre entries. They offer free movies and tv shows and everything is subtitled for anyone who needs it. There is an unlimited amount that you can watch with this channel, so you’ll never be bored.

9. Crackle
Crackle was created by Sony and is an ad-supported service that gives you a lot of Hollywood movies and great tv series. Fan favorites, like Talladega Nights and The Karate Kid, are on the channel but they also dipped their toes into original content with The Oath, Start Up, Snatch, and Hook’d. Everything is free but you do have to sit through the ads.

10. Sling
Sling is on of the most popular streaming channels. You can watch free on-demand movies and tv shows with the Sling app. They also offer standalone channels and events, plus you can do karaoke without needing to sign up for the free trial of Slight TV.

Roku is filled with a variety of great channels that you can download for free. These were out top ten channels that we love taking a moment and binging some of our favorites on.

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