Best Free Streaming Services for Fire TV (Stick & Cube)

Amazon had to dip their toe into more than getting you your goods in a speedy fashion. Now they are re-inventing the Home TV world with the Amazon Fire Stick. With the Fire Stick you can have access to regular tv channels but also more entertainment than what cable or satellite tv can give you.

The Fire Stick features a lot of free services that you can download and use. These services offer multiple features, but some are just for looks and don’t really give you anything from them. We took a look at some of the best streaming services that you can get with Fire TV and made a list for you to check out.

Cinema APK
This a popular Android app that is great for movies and shows. There are hundreds of streamable content, and the app is backed by an active team of developers. The content library is constantly being updated and the app itself also gets regular software updates.

Typhoon TV
Typhoon TV is another app that allows you to stream movies and tv shows for free. The app offers hundreds of movies and shows and even has the latest episodes of some of your favorites. Navigating the app is easy and it offers categories and filters to make finding your perfect movie or show even easier.

Crackle was created by Sony and you can find some of the best award-winning movies and tv shows on this app. Crackle offers parental controls so your kids can’t access something they shouldn’t and you need to make a free account to access all the goodies Crackle has to offer.

Sling TV
This was one of the first streaming services launched on the internet and is great for watching live tv. Currently Sling is only available in the US or you need a VPN to access it outside of the US. You need a good internet connection to enjoy Sling and there are some paid services with the app.

Redbox TV
Redbox tv is another live tv app that has a huge collection of satellite tv channels. You can stream tv from a variety of countries and regions and it is easy to use. You can also favorite the channels you watch the most.

Twitch is a free platform that is great for music and viewing content. With the app though you can also create your own content and stream your own content. Twitch is also a great platform to try and earn money if you need to. Twitch is extremely popular with gamers and you can even watch their feeds.

Youtube has a plethora of content that you can stream to your own tv. You can download it from the Amazon App Store and play anything from music to beauty tutorials, or DIY projects.

Music lovers will love that they can get Spotify on their Fire Stick. The app has millions of songs and artist that you can instantly stream and listen to. You can use your mobile phone to choose music that will play off your TV as well.

HD Streamz
You can watch live tv with HD Streamz and it has hundreds of free satellite channels that range from the United States, the UK, and several other countries. The app also has radio and on-demand options, but the options are limited.

Mobdro is great for watching sports. You can download the app and watch it from your Fire Stick then stream sports from anyone on the globe. The app does come with some bulky ads if you’re using the free version, but you can use a premium account to get rid of them.

These are just a few services that you can download that will make your FireStick experience even better. Now you can enjoy television, movies, sports, and music for less than what you would pay for a cable service.

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