Best HBO Max Shows to Stream Right Now


While HBO Max might not have the reputation of some of the other big streaming services, it certainly has the content.

They are investing in top-quality original content all the time, and they have the Warner Brothers legacy to fill their back-catalog. So yes, well worth trialing a subscription.

If you need convincing, we have put together a list of the best series currently (and only) available on HBO Max. It includes both new originals and unmissable classics.

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Barry (2018-)

In this HBO Max series, Bill Hader stars as a hitman who decides to retire from killing people and instead become an actor. He starts to take acting classes from a washed-up egotistical actor played by Henry Winkler, but also finds that it is harder to stop killing people than he thought.

The SNL alum proves his metal and shows that he can take on deep characters, and continue to deliver the laughs.

Doctor Who (2005-)


The Doctor is an alien known as a timelord that has the ability to travel through time in his TARDIS. He pops around from place to place helping people, mainly with witty words.

But the problem is, he is the last of his kind, so he is lonely. So he is often picking up human companions on his journeys which help him see the world from a different perspective.

While the original Doctor Who series launched in the UK in 1963 and has been on screens on and off ever since, the episodes available on Hulu start with the 2005 reboot.

Euphoria (2019-)

Aimed at a teen audience, Zendaya leads a cast of impressive upcoming talent in this coming of age drama.

Much like the UK hit Skins, it follows a group of high school students as they struggle with the transformation from child to adult.

It is a provocative and dark look at what it is like to grow up in the era of online bullying and extreme sexualization of youth.

The Flight Attendant (2020-)

Kaley Cuoco stars in this HBO Max original series about a flight attendant who has a quick fling with one of her passengers, only to wake up and find out that he has been murdered.

She decides not to call the police, but rather cover up the death, which only leads to more trouble. Soon both she and the people she cares about are under threat, unless she can solve the mystery of what is actually happening.

Flight of the Concords (2007-)

New Zealand-based musical comedy duo Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement created this musical series about two musicians trying to make it in New York City (and yes, you will want to sing along).

The comedy is found in the clash of cultures as two “ex-farmers” try to break the industry. There is at least one big cast number in every episode, and internal monologues are also often delivered in song.

But don’t expect anything like Glee, the show is surprisingly low-key, and all the songs are original.

Love Life (2020-)

Anna Kendrick leads the cast of what has been called Sex and the City for millennials. Each episode zeroes in on one of Kendrick’s relationships living as a single young woman in New York City.

While the show is a romantic comedy, it has levels of depths and treats its audience with intelligence and as capable of understanding nuance.

Perry Mason (2020-)

HBO brings the famous lawyer back to the screen and tells his origin story. Matthew Rhys stars as the titular character, who is a washed-up P.I. who finds himself mixed up in the mystery of a murdered child.

As he solves the case, his P.I. business gets back on its feet, but every new case is stranger and more entangled than the last.

Raised by Wolves (2020-)

This sci-fi series directed by Ridley Scott gets through more content in a single episode than some shows get through during an entire season.


It follows a pair of androids that land on a distant planet with packed embryos and the mission of restarting humanity. Meanwhile, civil war has turned the Earth into a barren wasteland.

But there is much more to the new planet than the androids were told, and it seems to hold secrets about humanity itself.

South Park (1997-)

Since 1997 South Park has been taking on the major issues of the day and showing just how ridiculous life can be in this off-color but clever cartoon series.

Original creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are still at the helm. But they have evolved with the show over the years, so it is always coming up with something new and interesting.

The West Wing (1999-)

Anyone who doesn’t agree that Aaron Sorkin’s The West Wing is the best political TV show ever made is crazy.

Martin Sheen stars as the president, and the show is about the day-to-day life of his team, which includes Bradley Whitford, Allison Janney, and Richard Schiff.

It is both educational in terms of throwing light on how government actually works, and compelling with full characters and emotional storylines.

What To Watch Next?

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