12 Best Long-Range Indoor HDTV Antennas to Buy in 2020

Having a television antenna may seem a little old school but it’s a great way to save money but still get the TV channels you want. Antennas today aren’t like they use to be either. We now have antennas that work with our HDTV and work a lot better and clearer than the ones from our past.

There are a variety of HDTV antennas out there as well. Some come with a bigger price tag, which could be beneficial for the shows you are looking for, but there are others that are more budget friendly and can work with anyone. These antennas also aren’t huge and massive that need to sit on top of our roofs to get good reception. Instead they are a lot smaller and discreet, perfectly blending into the surroundings and aesthetic around your television.
Here are twelve of our favorite HDTV antennas that you can find on Amazon.

1. XFTree HDTV Antenna

With the XFTree HDTV antenna you can get hundreds of channels for free without need cable. These channels include ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, and more of your favorites. The signal reaches over 130 miles and the advanced smart boost technology helps optimize your antenna for the best signal transmission with protection from interference.

The extra long coaxial cable ensures a high performance and ensures amplified aerial coverage, so the antenna can be placed anywhere inside of your home. The thin design and black casing make your antenna trendy but also helps match your décor and surroundings. The lightweight design makes it easy to secure your antenna to the wall if you want and it comes with anti-static and anti-lighting functions.

2. Gesobyte Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna

The Gesobyte HDTV antenna offers full HD channels that will allow you to access your favorite cable networks with the price of a cable tv subscription. The antenna offers crystal clear television and HD quality sound. The antenna is equipped with a powerful 2020 amplified signal booster and a built-in smart IC chip. With a 120-mile radius, you will have no issues picking up your favorite television show.

The antenna can be placed almost anywhere in your house and it constantly scans for new channels. The 18-foot coaxial cable and USB power adapter makes it easy to place just about anywhere in your house and the USB adapter is built to protect you from overvoltage.

3. Vansky Indoor HDTV Antenna

Enjoy over-the-air networks in your area with this indoor HDTV antenna. Worrying about a cable bill will be a thing of the past with an HDTV antenna and the Vansky can offer clear channels within a 90-mile range and high voice quality.

The detachable amplifier has a signal boost and has an extra long coaxial cable so the device can be placed anywhere around your house. The antenna comes with a lifetime warranty and has 24/7 technical support in case your antenna is giving your issues.

4. Granny’s Home Digital HDTV Antenna

The Granny’s Home GDTV antenna comes with a 120-mile radius and gives you access to high definition over-the-air channels. The antenna comes with a low error rate and has a significant signal enhancement feature. The set-up for this antenna is easy and constantly scans for available channels. The antenna will filter out FM signals and cellular devices and give you the best image for your television and what you’re watching.

The antenna range is great, meaning you can place it almost anywhere in your house and still get food reception. The booster will help give an enhance signal boost if yours ever weakens, and the built-on IC chip and crystal-clear filter will give you a range up to 120-miles. The compact design is thin and lightweight, making it easy to move around and it can easily be store in a purse or laptop bag.

5. DrillTop Indoor HDTV Antenna

The HDTV antenna offers 4k 1080p picture without pixelation. It includes networks like the CQ, ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, and more. The signal is strong and comes with an upgraded signal-boosting amplifier to help find all your favorite channels. The design is sleek and trendy, making it a nice addition to your house and easy to set-up.

The antenna simply plugs into your television and is headache-free on setup. The antenna comes with 24/7 support if you need help with setup.

6. XFTree HDTV Antenna Long Range

XFTree offers a long-range HDTV antenna that is perfect for anyone who doesn’t live in a neighborhood and needs a little more distance with their antenna. You will get all your favorite channels with this antenna and the upgraded powerful 2020 amplifier will give you an amazing signal. The built-in IC chip next generation and clear technology will give you an amazing picture and great sound.

With the 130-mile range you can get almost any channel you want and if you don’t need long range, there is an option for 35 miles and short range. The 17-foot coax cable gives you an amplified aerial placement so it can be placed in any place in your house. The antenna comes in white as well, so it can easily match your décor.

7. WeGuard HDTV Antenna

The WeGuard HDTV antenna comes with an upgraded signal boosting amplifier and a built-in IC chip to help give you a clean and clear image. The technology helps cancel out cellular and FM signals which will help give you low noise and more television options. The design is thin and small, making it easy to place anywhere in your home.

The 18-foot long coaxial cable gives you a 90 to 120-mile range and offers the best reception no matter where it is placed. Regardless if your TV is far from a window, the coaxial cable will allow you to still have a great cable experience.

8. 1 by One HDTV Antenna

The 1 by One antenna has a 360-degree omni-directional receptor that can receive signals from all directions without the need for rotation or a remote control. This antenna looks a little more old-school with its design but is still sleek and trendy. It comes with a 150 mile range and allows you to watch all your favorite channels worry free.

The high definition results in clearer images, low noise, and access to more channels. The antenna can be placed outside and is weather resistance and durable. The UV coating will help protect it from the sun and allows for minimal interference.

9. Luxtronic Digital HDTV Antenna

The Luxtronic digital HDTV antenna has 360-degree reception and offers a strong signal to help provide you with the best channels. The antenna can be placed anywhere in the house and is suitable for both indoors and outdoors use. The antenna is small and portable, making it easy to move around your house and place in the necessary areas.

Installation is convenient and simple and has 4k ultra-HD ready quality that will help ensure the best viewing process. The antenna has a magnetic base and a 10” coaxial cable included.

10. BuKee HDTV Antenna

The Bukee HDTV antenna offers 2020 high technology and promises connection to your favorite network television channels. With an 85-150-mile range you get a good signal no matter where you place your antenna. The antenna will constantly scan for new challenges and its make available for broadcast users. The antenna is universal and can be hung, mounted, or lay flat wherever you post it.

The installation is easy, and the antenna plugs into you’re the back of any HDTV. The 16-foot coaxial cable makes it possible to have clear sound and the best image.

11. 1 by One Digital Amplified HDTV Antenna

This 1 by One digital HDTV antenna comes in white and will perfectly blend into your household décor easily. The antenna can real-time broadcast channels and offers 4k ad HD channels. The smart boost technology helps improve the signal when it weakens and has a built in 4g LTE filtration.

The ultra-thin design and lightweight material makes it easy to install and place anywhere in your house. Installation is simple, just plug the antenna into the back of your television and the premium coaxial cable will bring uncompressed picture quality and worry-free quality.

12. TS-Ant HDTV Antenna

The TS-Ant antenna promises clear images and perfect sound anytime you watch television. You can now easily broadcast your favorite shows and networks without the worry of cable bills and the antenna offers an 80-150 mile range. The signal is strong and has smart boost technology that will optimize the best signal transmission and protect you from interference.

The design is smooth, flat, and lightweight, making it easy to install and store but still match your décor. It comes with a 17-foot cable so you can get some distance if you need to and the antenna can be placed almost anywhere in your house.

Having an HDTV antenna can only make your life easier. It will help you cut cost around your house but still allow you the luxury of watching your favorite shows and networks. All of these HDTV antenna are reasonable and affordable in price and can all be found on Amazon.

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