15 Best Horror Games On PS4 – Scare Yourself Sh*tless With These Games

Love horror games and want to scare yourself sh*tless? Maybe you prefer the slow and insidious build up of horror. No matter your poison, here are the best horror games on PS4 you can play.

15. Friday the 13th: The Game

Friday the 13th: The Game had the potential to be great, but it has essentially been abandoned. The original screenwriter for the Friday the 13th movies sued over rights to the game. As a result, the developers have stopped work on the game. It’s still live and playable, but it won’t be getting any updates anytime soon. For a game like this that is still active, see Dead By Daylight farther down. You can even play as Freddy Kruger in that DLC.

14. Observer

Love a little murder mystery entwined in your horror games? The Observer is the perfect game for you. Players take on the role of Daniel Lazarski, a detective with the Observer police unit. You’ll be investigating a murder while a digital plague ravages the world. Observer features more psychological horror than raw scares, so expect the game to mess with your head.

13. The Evil Within 2

Both The Evil Within and The Evil Within 2 are deserving of a spot on this list. But the psychological horrors in The Evil Within 2 easily outpace the first game. The second game extends the story of the first, so if you care about a conclusion you’ll want to play the first game before starting here.

12. Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares is a unique horror setting that deserves at least one playthrough. There are plenty of puzzles and platforming to be had, with creatures dreamed up from Tim Burton’s nightmares. Character design is a real highlight of Little Nightmares, though it feels less horror inspired than some of the other games on the list.

11. Layers of Fear

Layers of Fear is another psychological horror game that offers players the chance to get lost in the tortured mind of a broken artist. Experience a dynamic world that changes with each turn of the camera. In a Victorian mansion, you’ll encounter increasingly unsettling imagery as you explore.

10. Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation takes a page out of Outlast’s book and builds up insidious fear as you’re locked in an abandoned space station with the Alien. You’ll have to hide and outsmart the beast as you move through the game, which works well to build up terror. I couldn’t care less about the Aliens franchise, but this game is actually tons of fun for horror fans.

9. The Forest

After an airplane crash, you’re stranded alone on an island that is occupied by a cannibalistic tribe. You’ll be fighting for your life and survival, which causes an insidious tension to build-up. If human cannibals weren’t enough, you’ll also be dealing with multi-limbed mutants and other malformed denizens in the forest.

8. Dead By Daylight

Ever wanted to experience what it would feel like to live in a horror movie? Dead By Daylight recreates that experience amazingly well. You can play with up to five people, either as a helpless victim or the killer himself. Killers are equipped with unique weapons and skills to help them hunt down victims. Victims have a list of tasks they must accomplish before they can escape the killer.

7. Dying Light

Combining amazing parkour with a city filled with zombies that get faster at night is a horrifying recipe. These zombies hunt for fresh meat, so you scavage the city at night looking for survival supplies. The quarantine zones are some of the most frightening areas in the game. The infected city contains a variety of diverse zombies ready to end your life.

6. Bloodborne

Bloodborne isn’t quite a traditional horror game, but the setting definitely deserves a spot on this list. It’s pretty light on jump scares, but you will be fighting some of the most Eldritch horror bosses you can imagine. The adrenaline build-up from learning new areas and progressing is second to none on this list.

You awaken as a hunter of beasts and a feeling of dread as you explore the new world. Fans of the Dark Souls series will find a lot to love about Bloodborne, but any horror fan will enjoy a world that feels very Lovecraft in nature.

5. Outlast 2

Outlast 2 takes place in an entirely different area, but with the same video camera and night vision presentation. A secluded village in Arizona where people have gone missing is the target of your latest investigation. Murkoff Corporation features heavily and their human experiments are running wild in the village.

Outlast 2 features heavy religious overtones that increase the creepy factor of the village. For that reason, I feel like Outlast 2 is better at building anticipated horror rather than throwing it in your face with a jump scare. The tension is torqued up a notch from the first game, which should have you on the edge of your seat more often than not.

4. Outlast

Outlast is the game that spawned the cam-horror genre that has taken over. The in-your-face horror felt real as you explore the abandoned remains of an insane asylum. Most of the horror here is full of jump scares and less insidious build-up, but its definitely worth experiencing. I rated this one above the sequel simply because I felt more terrified while playing this one. Maybe my expectations helped me dampen some of the horrors in the sequel. Fans of tense horror should definitely start here.

3. The Last of Us Remastered

The Last of Us is technically a PS3 game, but the remastered version is worth experiencing for any PS4 player. The Last of Us perfectly pairs the feeling of desparate survival in a post-apocalyptic wasteland riddled with zombies. It makes players care whether the characters survive the story and want to see it through to its conclusion, no matter how scary it is.

Most of these games are best played with headphones, but The Last of Us deserves this honor more than any other game on this list. The excellent sound design will help you pinpoint clickers to keep Joel and Ellie safe as you traverse through a broken but beautiful land.

2. Resident Evil 2

Capcom gets high praise for their recently released remake of Resident Evil 2. Capcom gave the game a fresh new look and updated the gameplay using the RE engine. The result is a grotesque return to Raccoon City that players will shudder to experience.

The story of Resident Evil 2 is just about the only thing that remains intact here. There are a few adjustments here and there, but fans who played the originals will find a lot of nostalgia to love in this horror remake. Many fans would argue Resident Evil 2 featured the best cast of characters, so this remake is especially delightful to horror fans.

1. Resident Evil 7

I went back and forth on which game to place in the top spot, but ultimately gave the edge to Resident Evil 7. It’s a return to atmospheric horror for the series and worth experiencing, but the PSVR version is on another level. If you’ve yawned your way through this list looking for true terror, you’ll find it in Resident Evil 7 on VR.

The new locations, characters, and story make it feel separate but attached to the main series. The new first-person view is inspired by recent horror games like Amnesia and Outlast, but it works well for the Resident Evil series. Hopefully the next game we get in the series will be just as exciting to play the first time as Resident Evil 7.

Looking for more horror games to try? Darkest Dungeon is a great atmospheric roguelike game. Until Dawn and Vampyr are both story-heavy games that focus on horror, but may not be scary to play.

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