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Best Horror Movies on Hulu Right Now



Everyone loves a good horror movie here and there. Thankfully, Hulu is filled with excellent choices that you can choose from and probably never get bored with. The streaming service is constantly updating its selection, making it even easier for you to stream a great thriller or two continually. 

Here are a few of the best horror movies that are available on Hulu right now. 

The Blair Witch Project

This is a cult classic to some and really changed the horror world. The movie originally premiered at Sundance in 1999, and it was a whole new experience for viewers. This movie was the first to show a sort of DIY horror movie that was well-received by viewers. Although everything in the film is fictional, some people were honestly convinced it really happened. 

Cabin in the Woods


The movie focuses on a group of friends who embark on a vacation to a secluded cabin, and anything that can go wrong does. The movie features many original scenes we see in slasher movies, of course with captivating characters, but fans love it. Chris Hemsworth is also in the film, pre Thor days of course. 

House of 1000 Corpses 

Rob Zombie directed this movie, and the horror world was shocked when it dropped. The movie features a lot of gore and is its own unique hillbilly horror story that horror fans have come to love. 

Little Monsters

A teacher and her kids are trying to get out of a Playland that is getting overrun by zombies. The movie stars Lupita Nyong’o and Josh Gad, as a sociopathic kids show star, and it did well when it premiered on the streaming services. 

Pacific Heights

This psychological thriller stars Melanie Griffith and Matthew Modine, who play a couple that buys a home in the Pacific Heights neighborhood in San Francisco. Michael Keaton plays a sociopath that rents the house, and all goes downhill from there. 

Children of the Corn


A young couple takes a cross-country road trip but gets stuck in a small midwestern town containing only adults. You soon learn about a preacher and cult leader that convinces his younger peers to go into a murderous frenzy. This movie is old, but it is a cult classic in the horror world and worth a watch if you’ve never seen it. 


If you love a good suspense movie, this is for you. A college athlete must go to her father’s house during a hurricane to check on him. Upon arriving, she finds him unconscious, and while attempting to rescue him, she is trapped in the house’s crawlspace by gators. Now she needs to figure out how to survive with hungry gators lurking in the waters. 

Tragedy Girls 

Two best friends are obsessed with two things, making it big on social media and murder. The duo decides to kidnap a local serial killer and use his expertise to start a legendary killing spree of their own. If you love Scream, and maybe Final Destination, this is a great option to check out. 

The Host 

The Host is directed by legendary Bong Joon-ho and follows the fall out of a monster attacking the world that was created by the Americans. A man must risk everything to save his daughter, who was kidnapped by the monster and kill the monster to save her. The film is insane but offers a few funny moments and can be a little sad too. 

Paranormal Activity 3

You’ve seen 1 and 2, and now it is time for Paranormal Activity 3. The films always follow weird paranormal activity that happens in a residence and typically you see on camera while families are sleeping. Fans love the third instalment on this movie and said it was the best one out of the trio.


These are just a few of the gems currently on Hulu that will help you get your daily doses of horror movies. Some of these horror flicks might be a little cheesier than others, but they will still leave you clenching your couch and reaching for a blanket to hide under. If you need to get a larger horror fix, here are some great options on Netflix.

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