Best Korean Dramas to Watch in 2021


There was a lot of great Korean drama on Netflix in 2020, and the genre is more popular than ever. So we are very excited to see what new South Korean content will be landing in 2021.

Below is a list of the ten new Korean shows that we are looking forward to most in 2021. We haven’t included Kingdom season two on the list, as we probably won’t see that until 2022, but they will keep us happy with a movie-length special in 2021.

All of Us Are Dead (Season 1)

Building on the popularity of the Korean series Kingdom, this is another story about zombies.

It is set in a high school, when a zombie virus spreads through the student population. Suddenly “surviving high school” takes on a whole new meaning.

The show stars popular Korean actors Yoon Chan-young and Park Ji-hoo.

Annarasumanara (Season 1)

There is not a lot of information available on this Netflix Original Korean series set to land in 2021.

We are primed to expect a supernatural fantasy, as the story is set to start with an orphaned teenage girl meeting a magician in an abandoned theme park.

When everything in her life seems broken, what does she have to lose by investing in an impossible dream?

Arthdal Chronicles (Season 2)

The second season of this popular fantasy show is in production and expected to land on Netflix at some point in 2021.

In addition to compelling characters, this show has made a name for itself as one of the most expensive and ambitious in South Korean history.

A historic period drama, it is set during the Bronze Age and is based loosely on the story of Dangun, the founder of the first Koran Kingdom of Gojoseon, but in a mythical land called Arth.

D.P. Dog Day (Season 1)

With this webtoon adaptation, we are set to see the Korean take on adult cartoons.

It will follow a military officer given the task of hunting down a group of military deserters. However, he is faced with a personal conflict, as he understands better than most the struggles that the group of deserters has faced.

Expect this to be gritty and stylistically gory.

Hellbound (Season 1)

This promises to be another fascinating and gory webtoon designed to appeal to an adult audience, and definitely not for kids!

The premise of the show is that normal people gain access to predictions of their own death. But these are not normal deaths, but caused by supernatural angels called on to condemn people to hell.

Is this the beginning of the end of days? Should people accept their fate, or fight?

Love Alarm (Season 2)

We were expecting new episodes of this popular romantic comedy in 2020, but now they are scheduled to drop sometime in 2021.

The premise of the show is that a young man created an app that lets you know if anyone within ten feet of you has romantic feelings for you. This makes him suddenly rich and famous, throwing his life into turmoil.

But as you would imagine, this app has caused havoc in a lot of lives. Season two will continue to focus on Jojo, who finds herself in a love triangle with a childhood friend and a handsome model.

Move To Heaven (Season 1)

In this touching new drama, a young man connects with his estranged uncle after the death of his father.

Bonding over their grief, the two decide to open up their own trauma cleaning business to help others recovering from loss.

Each episode explores the life story of the deceased, discovered by the young man and his uncle during the course of their work.

The Silent Sea (Season 1)

In this new sci-fi horror, we are transported to a not too distant future where the natural resources of the Earth have been pushed to the edge.

In order to look for solutions, a team from the Korean space agency travels to the moon to retrieve a mysterious research sample from an abandoned research station.

Meanwhile on Earth, humanity is fighting over the limited resources that remain, so the clock is ticking.

Undercover (Season 1)

This show looks like it was inspired by The Departed (which was a remake of a Hong Kong film Internal Affairs).

In order to learn the truth about his father’s death, a young man from an organized crime ring goes undercover within the police to find the double agent that sold him out.

Expect an inconvenient romance to leave our protagonist questioning his priorities as well.

Younger (Season 1)

This is actually a Korean remake of an American TV series, which makes a nice change to the many American adaptations of international series.

It centers on a woman who is mistaken for being 20 years younger than she really is. Rather than set people straight, the single mum sees it as an opportunity to start over and reboot both her career and her love life.

Of course, keeping the secret proves to be much more complicated than she imagined.

What To Watch Next?

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