Best Motivational Podcast to Listen to In 2021



If 2021 is your year and you need a little guidance to help you along the way, why not listen to a motivational podcast? These podcasts will help you head towards your dreams and give you a little push in the right direction to get you moving towards whatever you might want to accomplish this year. 

These podcasts can help you with anything from setting new goals, improving yourself or your business, or mastering your career and anything that comes with that. Listening to a motivational podcast can resonate with you in more ways than one and for all you know, you could benefit more than your belief with you. 

Here are some of the best motivational podcasts you can listen to in 2021. 

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations 

Are you shocked to see Oprah on this list? On Oprah’s podcast, she interviews some of the leading people in spirituality, health, and well-being, all to help inspire you to be the best to your highest potential. In her shows, you can learn to strengthen your character, find your true meaning of life, and even more. This podcast is perfect if you have a goal to better yourself as a person throughout 2021. 

The School of Greatness

Hearing others relate to your own stories might be the kick in the behind you need to get going. This podcast focuses on just that. Lewis Howes host this podcast that is filled with inspiring stories and can answer stories as to why people were actually born. Howes shares his own personal stories and business experts, motivational speakers, influences, athletes, and more. 

Ted Radio Hour

If you love TED Talks, then you will love this podcast. Hosted by Guy Raz, these hour-long podcasts each have a specific theme, and that theme is discussed throughout several pre-released TED talks. These unique segments are thought-provoking and engaging and will leave you wanting to chase your dreams even more. Some pieces of Ted Radio Hour include neuroscience, human dynamics, digital technology, and self-improvement. 

Good Life Project 

Good Life Project is a podcast that shares stories of people who are living meaningful lives. These people decide to connect and engage with everything around them, making them happier people in the end. Most episodes are around 1 hour and 10 minutes, and you can hear authors, speakers, and experts share their secrets about living inspiring lives, how the brain works, and different approaches you can take to health and well-being. 

Inspire Nation 

Maybe you need a little help with setting goals for 2021, and there is where Inspire Nation can come help. The podcast focuses on helping others realize their potential and dreams, and help guide you through living the life you’ve always wanted. Michael Sandler, a self-help expert, hosts the podcast and has the best enthusiasm for listeners. Each episode is about an hour-long, and there is a new podcast almost every day of the week. 

Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life 

If you’re in a rut with your career, listen to this podcast. Francine Beleyi hosts this podcast that is there to energize you through your life and career. The podcast has interviews with top speakers, motivational coaches, entrepreneurs, authors, and more in the professional world. Listening might help you re-ignite the inner spark for your career, or it might help you realize you’re not in the right place for your life. 

Unlocking Us

Life often throws challenges at us, and you can either run or face it. If you want to gain a little more courage to face these life challenges, take a listen to the Unlocking Us podcast. Brene Brown hosts this podcast that often faces the question “am I good enough?” Brown spent decades studying experiences and emotions that define humanity and is an expert at helping others believe in themselves. Each episode of this podcast gives the listener affirmations for anything like humanity, confusion, fear, vulnerability, courage, and more. 

How to Fail with Elizabeth Day 

Most of us look at failing like a roadblock in our lives, and this podcast teaches you that failing is only a springboard for success. Instead of looking at failure as a bad thing, this podcast will help you see past the illusion of perfection. Guests speak about lessons they have learned from setbacks and the success they’ve seen after those setbacks. This show is great for reminding anyone that failure is sometimes necessary in order to see the bigger picture. 

Tiny Leaps, Big Changes

Sometimes we all need positive changes in our lives, and this podcast is there to help. Regardless if you want to achieve more success, become happier, or be a better version of yourself, this podcast will help steer you in the right direction. Gregg Clunis hosts the podcast where listeners will ask him practical and actionable advice, and he gives them realistic goals to help obtain that. Some topics featured are keeping your energy up, being patient with others, and why he stopped meditation. 

The Motivation Report 

If you’re short on time, this bi-weekly podcast might be right up your alley. Each podcast features challengers or inspirations for its listeners. The main goal is to help uplift the listener with interviews that are insightful and thought-provoking. Some topics on the podcast are the best versions of yourself, leaving a legacy, and self-love. The podcast is hosted by Willian Sterling and can run anywhere from a half-hour to over an hour. 


These podcasts are fantastic to help lift you up and motivate you throughout 2021. They are filled with expert information and pieces to help you achieve your 2021 goals. If you find yourself loving these podcasts and want to explore more, take a listen to these business podcasts for every entrepreneur. 

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